Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights?

Surveillance or security cameras have LED lights around them with different colors now. Each of them has a different purpose to serve. For instance, the red lights are the most common ones you will notice.

Ever wondered? Why do security cameras have red lights? Or why does it blink? Then it’s better to know these blinking red lights are solely responsible for the intense actions of the cameras.

So, let’s dig in and get everything about the red lights or IR LED lights in the security cameras.

Do Real Security Cameras have Red Lights

To be precise, every security camera has red lights. Therefore, you have to differentiate fake and real from them.

Most of the fake or dummy security cameras have blinking red lights to attract the consumer. But they don’t have any participation in any functions of a security cam. Eventually, it just scares away the burglars. Also, the camera doesn’t have any IR LED light, even with peephole security cameras.

Do Real Security Cameras have Red Lights

In real cameras, the red lights are used as a led illuminator for the night, known as IR LEDs. Specifically, it helps you see through the dark by detailing and recording the perfect image of incidents.

In addition, there can be also a red light as an indicator of Camera activity. But a real security camera doesn’t have any flashy blinking red lights.

So, we also won’t suggest you buy any security camera with blinking red lights.

Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights

“Footage from Security cameras can be used to prosecute the intruders and get them off the street.”- Digital surveillance. Here comes the question in mind, Is it possible at night?

Why Do Security Cameras Have Red Lights

Yes, it’s possible with detailed footage produced with the help of red IR LED lights around the security camera. Also, there are some other reasons for having red lights on the camera. They are,

1. No Extra Illuminators

In the minimal or ambient light situation, the red LED lights help the security camera detect every aspect with a clear image. Also, you can see motions through it like a night vision goggle.

That’s why you can use the camera even for poaching prevention or seaport security. Therefore, you can detect anything unusual without using an extra IR illuminator.

3. Coverage Of Distant Area

The security camera can get a clear image of up to 370 meters of area with these red lights. Also, it helps the camera to provide a broad angle view in night vision mode for your community.

Coverage Of Distant Area

Significantly, the lights provide IR cameras proper white balance in black and white mode. So, they can capture records with perfect visuals, even with zero lux on them.

4. No whiteout

Earlier times, most of the security cameras failed to capture anything close to the camera. Because when the object comes closer to the camera, it began to increase the light on it. Therefore, the view looks like thunderstorm images on a phone camera.

No whiteout

These red lights help the camera to have a perfect white balance. Also, the camera reduces the whiter background of the object when it comes near the camera. Therefore, you will have a detailed close image of things at night.

5. Versatility of actions

In foggy or high-humidity areas, security cameras struggle to provide HD recording. Therefore, these LED lights help you to cover every situation in any weather.

But, the amounts of lights play a crucial role here. As the lights are easier to integrate, you can expand share anytime. Also, the setup is pretty simple and at minimum costs.

How to Turn Off the Red Lights If Needed

Well, you can turn off the red lights in a few seconds in IP cameras. But it will take time for the analog ones. Here is the process to turn it off for both cameras.

For IP cameras,

Ip cameras have more extended settings now. Now, you can turn the lights off via web browser and find the IR light tab in the maintenance setting there. Therefore, you can follow these steps,

  1. Locate your camera’s IP address and type it in the browser’s search bar.
  2. When the login page appears, provide the username and password in there.
  3. Navigate to Settings and select maintenance in there when the homepage appears.
  4. Select IR light section and turn it off.

Select IR light section and turn it off

For analog cameras,

As you can’t access the camera with any browser, you have to do it old-fashioned. Therefore, you have to find the Day/Night option on OSD by the button with the camera’s pigtail. Then, select the off chance from it, sometimes it’s color or external in different camera models.

For analog cameras

Also, you can disconnect the infrared light block’s cable to turn it off. But you have to gather precise knowledge about the wires of security cameras for it. Otherwise, it can create bugs at crashes at intersections in it.

Can You Hide the Glow of Red Lights on a Security Camera

Can You Hide the Glow of Red Lights on a Security Camera

Yes, you can make the light glow invisible with some supplies. Primarily, we have found three ways to hide the glow or illumination of the camera. Therefore, you will need these necessaries- Duct tape, Cutoff filter, Black construction paper.

By Taping The Panel

Firstly, please measure the IR LED panel house’s size and buy a grey duct taper that is slightly larger than it. Then, strip off the tape according to the size and stick it directly on the whole panel. Also, you must increase the density of the tape if the glow is still noticeable there.

By Cutoff Filter

Here, the process is much similar to the first one. You have to cut off the filter in a square shape and tape it on the panel. Additionally, it will block the light wavelengths and make the glow invisible.

By Construction Paper

Here, you have to tape the black construction paper on the top of the IR panel only. Also, it has to be slightly larger than the panel. So, the paper will restrict the illumination of the whole camera sticking with it on the front.

According to Wiley Online Library, surveillance cameras have prevented most of the burglary cases in the US for the past few years. As we mentioned before, the red lights or IR LED lights made the difference for public safety.

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