Why Are CCTV Cameras Bad Quality?

It is the 21st century, the famed technology age, and you won’t be wrong to think that the world will have anything video quality at the highest levels. So, you’ve often wondered Why Are CCTV Cameras Bad Quality? You won’t be out of place to question why CCTV cameras have such poor quality. This article will answer your questions.

Why Are CCTV Cameras Bad Quality?

So, why are CCTV Cameras Bad Quality? You see, the answer to this question lies in the purpose of what security cameras do. When filming movies or YouTube videos, the video quality must be very high. But, for CCTV cameras, their goal is to record 24/7 to ward off criminals and capture scenes that happened that day.

Why Are CCTV Cameras Bad Quality

CCTV cameras come with low pixel resolution, even as low as 1mp. Even phones boast pixels way higher than this, but the purpose of the CCTV camera isn’t to give you Instagram-worthy videos. The higher megapixels like 4mp and 8mp provide more explicit images, but also the problem of storage space.

Another reason CCTV cameras are low quality is that CCTV cameras are required to record 24/7. A higher-quality camera will require a lot of storage, but a lower recording camera will not need much storage space.

Also, another reason why CCTV cameras often have a poor quality image is because of poor lightning. A lot of times, people install cameras in places with lousy light sources, and this will adversely affect the image quality that it produces.

Is It Possible To Enhance CCTV Camera Quality?

There is hope for your CCTV camera. Even though they don’t give the best output in terms of the quality of the footage, there are still ways in which you can enhance the image quality of your security camera.

In the next paragraph, this article will show you ways to improve CCTV camera quality. Read on.

How To Improve CCTV Camera Quality?

CCTV cameras may not always come with the best quality images, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot improve the quality of the pictures.

How To Improve CCTV Camera Quality

There are certain things that you can do before and during the installation of your security camera that will improve the image quality output. Here are some of them;

1. Lightning Conditions

Often wondered why photographers with some of the best cameras will still depend on various light sources to produce quality images? It is this way because light will always remain an essential part of photo production.

Your CCTV camera needs a lot of sources of light. People assume that street lightning is enough for their security cameras, but it isn’t often the case.

Always go for security cameras that have LED light illuminators. Also, when installing, make sure that your CCTV camera is not directly facing a light source. For example, facing a CCTV camera directly in front of a street light is not a good idea.

2. Get A Camera With A Good Resolution

The better your camera resolution is, the better the image output. So when you are choosing a camera, one way to make sure that the camera quality is improved is by choosing one with a high resolution.

CCTV camera resolution measures in lines; the higher the lines, the better you get in the footage. For a camera used outdoors, you should get one with a resolution of 700 lines or more.

Indoor cameras don’t need that many lines.

3. Infrared Illuminators

Outdoor cameras will be too obvious when you use LED lighting to improve their image quality. If you are looking to monitor covertly movement of intruders at night, then you might instead use infrared illuminated

IR light will provide a visible light source while still providing that covert touch that is the whole point for security cameras.

4. Storage

One way to get quality images on your CCTV camera is by choosing CCTV cameras with good storage capacity. Because CCTV cameras can record 24/7, manufacturers often make the image quality poor so that it won’t be so space-consuming.

Choose CCTV cameras with high-quality image production by choosing CCTV cameras that come with external hard drives and DVR.

5. Wiring

If you are also experiencing lousy images on your CCTV camera, you might want to check up on the wiring. If corners of the wires were cut or chipped away during installation, this might cause you to experience bad image feedback.

So, invest in high-quality wires and be careful when installing so that you don’t end up damaging the cables.

Do not run a very long extension cable; this will slow down data transmission and poor images.

6. Internet connection

If you want good image feedback on your CCTV camera, you must invest in high-speed internet. A weak or unstable internet connection can result in poor quality or shaky images.

It would help if you used a dedicated internet service for just your CCTV camera because when you use WIFI that has other devices connected to it, it will reduce bandwidth and result in poor images.

7. Camera Lens

Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions can be the ones that are not often thought about when faced with a challenge. The answer to why are CCTV cameras bad quality could be in this simple fix.

Cleaning the camera lens is a straightforward fix for your CCTV camera, producing poor images. IP-rated cameras usually will stop dirt from gathering on your lens.

But, sometimes dust can still block your lens and result in poor images, check to see if this is the case and then clean your CCTV camera lens.

With this, you know how to make your CCTV camera produce better images. CCTV cameras are great for securing homes and offices because some can even come with a 360 Degree Security Camera System.

If you are in the market for great CCTV cameras with this kind of system, then here are some great picks.

1. Eufy floodlight cam 2 pro security camera

eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

The EUFY comes with a 360-degree camera that will allow you to see the entire span of your property.

How about Auto tracking? The Eufy doesn’t falter in that aspect. Auto tracking will enable you to focus on the moving subject and follow them until the frame exits.

The Eufy floodlight cam two pro security camera comes with 8GB of memory space, allowing you to keep records. You can also view the footage on the mobile app.

The Eufy has a 3mp sensor, this enables you to zoom in, and the image quality will remain relatively excellent.

2. Amcrest super hd fisheye poe security camera

 Amcrest Fisheye POE Camera

When you are looking for a CCTV camera that has clarity as to its strong point, then look no further than the AMCREST security camera.

It has a 5mp image sensor and a 30fps frame rate. So you’d be getting a sharper image than 1080p and smoother to view.

As the name implies, this camera comes with 360-degree viewing and has IR LEDs to see in the dark for up to 32 feet.

The Armcrest is a powerful security CCTV equipped with tripwires and artificial intelligence that will go off in the event of an intrusion.

3. Iegeek battery powered pt security camera

 Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi 360° PTZ Camera

The ieGeek is a solar-powered outdoor camera. It is 100 percent wire-free and comes with 4dbi dual antennas.

It has an inbuilt Wifi technology, which enables it to send videos to your viewing device wirelessly.

It has a 2mp sensor that records in 1080p Full HD resolution. It comes in 360 degrees viewing, so this will allow you a panoramic view of your property.

4. Ezviz c8c lite outdoor security pt camera

EZVIZ Security Outdoor PT Camera

If you are on a tight budget, this one is for you. It is straightforward to set up and install, so you don’t have to worry too much about the installation.

It comes with 360 degrees of viewing capacity so that way you can see a complete view of your property.

What’s more? It also comes with intelligent human detection and records videos you can listen to at 2mp.

It supports a 256g micro sd card. The EZVIZ may come cheap, but it doesn’t have reasonable specs.

5. Soliom s600 wireless solar security camera

Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

Do you want to have a 100 percent wire-free CCTV camera? Then go for the best-selling SOLIOM.

It captures clear images at night because of the four LED lights it comes with, which will allow you to see your still property even in pitch darkness.

It has a solar-powered, rechargeable battery, so you can mount it wherever you want and move it quickly.

It uses wifi, though, so permanently mount it close to the Wifi router. You can save videos on an SD card. It also comes with a siren in the event of a break-in.


After seeing several CCTV, you must have often wondered why are CCTV cameras bad quality? From this article, it is clear that although CCTV cameras can come with bad quality images, there are things that you can do to improve them and enhance the quality of the pictures.

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