Where To Place Outdoor Security Cameras In 2022?

The security of your home and the entire family should always be prioritized. When this is compromised, then there will be a security breach that will invite intruders. An outdoor security camera works efficiently to ensure that you are well protected, for it keeps an eye on your property when you are not home. This camera should be able to withstand any harsh climatic condition to serve you for a long time.

Now that you have purchased a security camera, do you know where to place outdoor security cameras? It can be overwhelming not knowing where to place the camera because every area, according to you, should be covered. But an outdoor camera can only be placed at one specific place where it can capture all the information.

How Many Outdoor Security Cameras Do I Need?

Since we want to keep our homes secure, we cannot do it ourselves because we cannot be everywhere at one given time. That is why you need a security camera to monitor all activities for you regardless of your location. To beef up the security, you got to know the number of security cameras you will require to keep your entire home secure and well protected. The number of security cameras you require will be determined by several factors, the first being what you need the cameras for.


Generally, you require a minimum of two outdoor security cameras for your home. One will cover the front while the second one will cover the back of your house. Through that, you will be able to monitor any movements happening at the front and back of your home. If you want to set your eyes on another place, you can choose to add another camera to cover that part. The primary point is to enhance security for your entire home to a satisfactory level.

Where To Place Outdoor Security Cameras?

Do you know where to place outdoor security cameras? This is paramount because when it’s time for installation, you have to figure out where to put your security camera. Remember that to catch an intruder; you have to place a security camera at the right place to maximize efficiency.

Let us have a look at some of the places you can place an outdoor security camera: –

At the front door

This is the first place you should place a security camera. By doing that, you end up capturing an intruder as they make an entrance. As you place the camera at the front door, ensure it is installed at a high place where an intruder cannot reach. You can also opt to enclose the security camera with a mesh wiring to prevent breakage.

At the back and side doors

A good number of burglars choose to use the back door to break into your house. That is where you should place another camera.  The side doors, too, should have cameras that are out of sight, meaning no one will detect their presence. Having a security camera in all the doors gives you an idea of who walked in and walked out.

Consider driveways and the garage

It would be best if you had a security camera securing your garage as it also points out towards the driveway. That is how you will monitor any uninvited guests entering your driveway. Your garage will also be protected by ensuring that everything therein is kept secure. Having a security camera pointing towards these two places will enable you to detect anyone who’s getting in without authorization.

At the windows

Intruders will mostly access your home through the window of your home. Having a security camera at a high place above the window will monitor intruders who try to get access to your home. Place the security camera on a window that is not facing the street because that is the one an intruder will aim for. No intruder will want to get caught climbing through a window that the entire street is looking at.

Note the following;

  • Avoid placing a security camera in a way that points toward your neighbor’s premises. This will be counted as an intrusion of privacy, and you don’t want to get on the bad books of your neighbors.
  • Please don’t place a security camera within reach to make intruders break it to avoid being discovered.
  • A security camera should not be too high for trees, and even shades can obscure the proper capturing of images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need Wi-Fi for outdoor security cameras?

This will depend on whether the camera is wireless or not. Wireless security cameras need Wi-Fi, but traditional ones do not.

Can you use outdoor security cameras indoors?

You can use outdoor security cameras indoors because they have been designed to accommodate both situations.

Do outdoor security cameras need power?

Outdoor security cameras need the power to function, but others can be powered through batteries though they can drain out quickly.

Do all outdoor security cameras have to be plugged in?

Outdoor security cameras need to be plugged in so that they can fully get powered to function properly.

Final Thought

Keeping your home protected and secured is of utmost priority. Home surveillance has become an integral part of our society; that is why outdoor security cameras were invented. Getting this camera is one thing, but do you know where to place outdoor security cameras? Without proper positioning, it will lack if you don’t have a security camera in the first place.

Installing outdoor home security cameras is the only way to guarantee security for your entire home. However, poor positioning will prevent your outdoor security camera from performing as it should. The best place to install an outdoor security camera is in a position where an intruder is most likely to break in. It would be best to keep this camera in a place that intruders will not reach because they may choose to destroy it.

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