What Is A Poe Security Camera? – An Expert Explain 2022

When it comes to ensuring the security of your house, kids, pets, and even properties, you should consider a reliable security system that will benefit you in many ways. You can monitor everything what is happening sitting in your room. Also, you can review and analyze the captured videos of the previous time so that you can guess what happened the day before.

Maybe, you are wondering to find the answer of the question- ‘What is a Poe security camera?’ Well, this article has been designed to answer all the questions related to the topic.

What Is A Poe Security Camera?

You don’t need an adapter to power your security camera to operate and capture videos of what is happening right now. Do you know how? Well, Power over Ethernet, aka POE security camera gets power directly from the Ethernet cable. Therefore, you don’t need to have an extra power adapter.

What is a poe security camera

There is no worry about the tangled cords of the security camera to charge them. As a result, your house remains neat and clean without using cables around. These Poe security cameras are easy to set up and monitor anything, whether you are at home or not because you can connect these cameras to your phone directly to monitor from anywhere.

How Does Poe Security Cameras Work?

PoE security cameras do great work to monitor your necessities, including house, property, kids, pets, and other important things. Maybe, you have construction sites and need to monitor them almost all the time. In this situation, a surveillance system can help you out to monitor your properties, business sites, office, and home.

However, through this article, I will tell you everything how these security cameras work because you have already learned about the topic that says- ‘what is a Poe security camera?’ So, without making the intro further descriptive, let’s jump into the main section of the article to understand better.


Unlike other security cameras, PoE security cameras get their power from the Ethernet cable. Therefore, the need to use an extra power adapter has been eliminated to power up the cameras to operate. Using a single Ethernet cable, whether it is Cat 5 Cat 5e or Cat 6, the Poe security cameras receive and send data through the cable.

Therefore, you don’t need any extra cable which may tangle around you. But the Ethernet cord sends power from the Ethernet switch directly to these IP cameras, and you can access these captured videos on your phone sitting anywhere connecting your phone to these IP cameras using internet connection.

Network connectivity is needed

System network is essential to observation frameworks if you’re sparing video documents on an NVR or utilizing the more up to date distributed storage. In contrast to remote associations, PoE guarantees your IP cameras are constantly associated. This implies your camera will dependably have the option to send video records to your NVR, and direct associations can be quicker than remote associations.

Get advantage from old cameras

If you have old security cameras at home and you might be replacing them with new ones, you should consider twice because you can reuse these old cameras, too. In this case, you need a special device to eligible these old cameras to work on the Ethernet cables, meaning that you have to use these old cameras as your Poe cameras using an Ethernet device.

The device should sit between the connection of these old cameras and the Ethernet cables. Then it will transfer the data to the old cameras as IP cameras work. The special device sitting in between them will convert your camera’s power and data supply. Therefore, you should not replace or waste these old cameras, but you can use them as your Power over Ethernet camera.

What Does These Poe Cameras For You

PoE cameras, aka IP security cameras, are a great way when it comes to needing you proper surveillance for your home, industry, pet, kids, and so forth you want to secure. You can monitor and also analyze by reviewing the old captured videos day to day to ensure what happened in those days. You can keep an eye on your business and office to see what is going on there, sitting anywhere.

Other than that, you can use these Poe security cameras to stay connected to your apartment complex and home. So, if you are in search of proper surveillance to your properties and family as well as kids, you need nothing but the Poe security cameras to monitor and track everything at hand. If you have a retail shop, you must need the security cameras to observe the customer’s habit; you can manage their wait times and prevent theft there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probably, you might have some questions in your mind, and you are searching for their answer, right? Well. Here are a few frequently asked questions with their proper answer to not have any queries left in your brain.

Are PoE cameras better?

You don’t need to use an extra power adapter to power up these PoE security cameras because the Ethernet cable does it perfectly. Therefore, these security cameras are better than others out there.

How far can you run PoE cameras?

Depending on the quality of your PoE security cameras, they can run at a distance of 100 meters between the network ports and the PoE security cameras. Also, you can locate the device far.

Do POE cameras require the Internet?

You have both options when it comes to use the internet or not. Using the internet connection,  you can directly upload the captured videos to the cloud storage, without the connection to the local SD card.

Final Thought

So, a PoE security camera is such a device to monitor your house, property, kids, pets, and other business sites without needing the power adapter to power the camera. Also, you can monitor your office, too. Therefore, the query of the topic- ‘What is a Poe security camera?’ now may be clear for you here.

When you leave your valuable property and business sites away, you should monitor them using proper surveillance such as PoE security cameras. Connecting to the internet, you can review and analyze the captured videos from anywhere you like.

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