Netvue Security Camera Reviews of 2022 – Cheap & Affordable

A set of well-equipped security cameras can be your best investment this year. They enable you to keep an eye on your place even when you are thousands of miles away. Thanks to the advancement of technology, now you can view and control the cameras in real-time with a few clicks on the smartphone.

Netvue is one of the best brands when it comes to home/office surveillance cameras. They offer you various smart features like motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, etc. You can straightforwardly control the cameras from their well-designed software.

This guide will introduce you to three of the best Netvue security cameras with proven performance. Check out the detailed Netvue security camera reviews from below.

About This Brand:

The Netvue brand was founded in 2010 by a group of security experts and IEEE fellow to bring technology-advanced yet user-friendly cameras. They are currently one of the leading players in the security camera industry with many successful products. As per the brand, they are relentlessly working for the development and improvement of their systems.

The brand combines cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make the camera smarter. The Netvue cameras include intellectual features like talk-back function, live HD video transmission, voice control with Alexa, Wide Angle View, motion detection, etc. Even though the camera offers you a vast array of features, they are available at a reasonable cost.

Table of Content:

We are going to discuss three of the best Netvue security cameras in this document. Check out the outline to acknowledge the cameras we will review today.

Comparison Chart:

The comparison chart will let you know about the feature differences between the cameras. If you are in short of time, the comparison chart will help you choose the right device quickly.





NETVUE LED Floodlight Camera – Outdoor Security Camera for Home

Security Camera Outdoor – NETVUE 2K 3MP Weatherproof Surveillance Camera

Dog Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera

Best 3 Netvue Security Camera Reviews 2022

If you are planning to get a Netvue security camera, you have already made a wise decision. However, the brand offers you several specialized cameras, and it can be quite hard to pick the right one. Check out the best 3 Netvue Security Camera reviews. You can consider buying from the list as they offer you the best value.

Netvue Security Camera Reviews

1. NETVUE LED Floodlight Camera – Outdoor Security Camera for Home

NETVUE LED Floodlight Camera - Outdoor Security Camera for Home

The NETVUE LED Floodlight Camera is one of the advanced and latest generation cameras from the Netvue brand. It equips 720p HD and a 116-degree wide-angle camera for clear live video and images. You can easily rotate the camera with zoom in and out through the app. The camera also includes two bright LED floodlights that can light up your yards at night. Lights will also turn on automatically whenever a motion is detected.

The security camera features night vision capability to record clear videos even in pitch-dark without any light. There are RIP sensors (Passive infrared sensor) which are highly accurate and send you an instant warning. You will get a real-time alert on your phone. The cameras work smoothly with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Apart from the app, you can also integrate Alexa, Echo Spot, and Echo Show to control the camera.

The NETVUE LED Floodlight Cameras also support a talk-back function. You can easily communicate with the people from the yards from thousand miles away. The camera arrives with a rugged build and IP65 waterproof. That means it can easily withstand any weather condition. It also includes two years of warranty coverage with lifetime 24/7 support. You can easily connect to the support team from the app anytime.

NETVUE LED Features:

  • 720p HD camera with 116-degree wide-angle and night vision.
  • Check live camera feed, zoom in/out, rotate the camera from the app.
  • RIP sensor for highly accurate and instant motion detection.
  • Multiple ways to control, including app, Alexa, and Echo Spot/Show.
  • Talk-back function to communicate with people outside the door.
  • 24/7 in-app customer support with two years of warranty.
  • Easy to set up and control.
  • Support both wireless/ wired functionality.
  • Quality night vision offers clear video at night.
  • Durable construction for long-term performance.
  • It is not the one if you want decade long performance.

2. Security Camera Outdoor – NETVUE 2K 3MP Weatherproof Surveillance Camera

Security Camera Outdoor - NETVUE 2K 3MP Weatherproof Surveillance Camera

The NETVUE 2K 3MP Weatherproof Surveillance Camera is one of the best-selling products of the brand. It features an upgraded super HD 2K 3MP camera with a 110-degree wide-angle and enhanced night vision technology. It has 850nm infrared LEDs, which are highly sensible and accurate. You will see everything clearly in 60ft during the night or lowlight conditions. It offers 8X zoom to let you see things at a distance.

The NETVUE camera also includes H.265 high-efficient video codec technology. It offers a super impressive and smooth live feed, ensuring higher visibility of every single detail. The technology also reduces the storage uses up to 50% so that you can capture longer videos. As it supports two-way audio, with improvised technologies like AGC and AEC, which ensures noise, interference, and echo-free communication.

The NETVUE 2K 3MP camera offers two ways to store the captured videos. Apart from cloud storage, you can also use local microSD as local storage. One of the main selling points of the cameras is their energy-efficient design and weatherproof construction. As the manufacturer claims, the home security camera system features a latest-generation chip that decreases power consumption to 30% while increasing computing power up to 80%.

The camera comes with an IP55 resistance rating with a temperature range of -10°C to 50°C to withstand any rough weather conditions. It is one of the most versatile security camera systems that you can choose for long-term performance.

Security Camera Features:

  • HD 2K 3MP camera with 110-degree wide-angle and 8X Zoom.
  • 850nm infrared LEDs for night-vision with accuracy up to 60ft.
  • 265 high-efficient codec that smoothens and compresses the video.
  • Two-way audio that supports improvised noise-free communication.
  • The latest generation chip is power-efficient and high performing.
  • IP55 weather resistance; works efficiently at -10°C to 50°C temperature.
  • Support local and cloud storage, let you share the video with family.
  • One of the most versatile security cameras from Netvue.
  • High-quality and weatherproof design.
  • Smooth and improvised video and picture quality.
  • Very easy to install; arrives with a user-friendly
  • Highly efficient night-vision and motion detection.
  • The zoom-in feature is not as advertised.
  • Some users find the instruction manual confusing.

3. Dog Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera

Dog Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet CameraAre you looking for a decent indoor pet camera to keep an eye on your pets when you are away? The Netvue Dog Camera can be an excellent pick for you. It is a 1080p Full-HD camera backed by artificial intelligence to ensure decent performance. The camera offers a 360-degree camera that lets you view every corner of your home. You can also employ the camera to capture the happy memories of the family.

You can easily control the camera, check the real-time feed using the Netvue dog camera. The smart camera also supports night-vision functionality and automatically switches to the mode when the environment is dimmed.  It also features two-way audio with noise filter technology to interact with family members and pets. Setting up the device is also pretty easy with a 2.4 GHz wireless network.

The Dog camera offers you an extended AWS cloud storage with up to 60-day capacity. It also supports MicroSD cards as local storage to capture ten days of video feed. You can easily share the captured videos with family or friends through the app.  The smart camera also supports integration with Alexa. However, you cannot utilize two-way audio when connected to Alexa.

Dog Camera Features:

  • 1080p Full-HD camera with artificial intelligence-based object tracking.
  • Offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the room/ house.
  • Includes both AWS cloud storage and local offline storage.
  • Captured videos are protected by 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Night-vision with 10*850nm infrared lens for a clear view at night.
  • Two-way audio with advanced noise filter for easier communication.
  • Easy to use with the included
  • Offers a clear and wide live camera feed.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Store video on cloud storage for two months.
  • AI-based Efficient human and pet detection.
  • The two-way audio feature is not compatible with Alexa.

Why Choose This Brand?

The Netvue is one of the very few brands in the market that offers well-engineered and high-tech security cameras at a reasonable price. They off both indoor and outdoor cameras, which are optimized for the setup environment. The outdoor cameras of the manufacturer are weatherproof and durable enough to withstand any natural circumstances.

Managing the Netvue brand’s camera is also pretty comfortable from the user-friendly mobile app available for both android and iOS. The captured camera feed is stored in both cloud and local storage, which you can easily check through the app. Besides, you can also control and review some of the cameras directly from the browser, without any app.

Netvue uses advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Infrared Sensors, Motion Detection Systems, AES encryption, etc., to give you a protected and smooth surveillance experience. Though it includes such features, most of the cameras of the brand are available at a reasonable price. They also offer you 24/7 lifetime support for the cameras.

The Netvue may not be the best surveillance camera brand in the market. But not a lot of brands can offer you what they bring at a reasonable price range.


Worrying about your home/ property while being away is a normal feeling. However, you can ease the situation by installing Netvue security cameras. The outdoor, indoor, and pet cameras can create an advanced security system, which will be almost unbreakable. Most importantly, they can keep you connected to the home when you are a thousand miles away.

We hope that after reading the Netvue security camera reviews, you should already know their features and functionalities. If they suit your needs, we will recommend you to choose them for securing your home. We can assure you that no other brands can offer you such high-quality and well-engineered cameras at this price range.

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