LiveGuard Pro 2022 Review: Light Bulb WiFi Security Camera

Placing a CCTV camera in front of my house keeps me safe and prevent stolen things from the yard or house. But, to maintain the CCTV is cost enough and I am not comfortable as this is shown in public. So, I was searching for a device that can give me a great service at a minimum cost. I find the LiveGuard Pro device.

This device confused me for a second. Because it is cost-effective and easy to use. I can get so many features including infrared night vision, SD card slot, panoramic view in one device. So, I bought the device and noted some major advantages of using it. Here is my LiveGuard Pro Review after using it by myself.

Why Do We Need a Light Bulb Security Camera in Our Home?

Placing a security camera ensures that I can prevent stealing by watching the CCTV footage. But it’s always not possible for me to keep an eye on the camera. Besides, a regular CCTV camera is so expensive and sometimes I am unable to maintain it. Also, this CCTV’s interface is well known to the thief or buglers. That is why they take precautions before stolen something.

Why Do We Need a Security Camera in Our Home

I particularly prefer installing CCTV cameras infront of my house to keep an eye on the whole house. Even when I am outside the home or country, I can easily check on my pets. Besides, I have to look after my parents as they are old enough.

So those are the reasons I wanted to set a camera in front of my house. People also go for the same reason. To stop burglarising or keep an eye on the office, house, pets, or to their children use the CCTV camera most.

What is LiveGuard Pro Light Bulb Security Camera?

LiveGuard Pro is a device that works like a strong security camera. At first look I thought it’s just a random bulb with extra features. So, I use the device first. Then I write this LiveGuard Pro Review to deliver information about this device. This is a security camera that has a motion sensor and easily connects with through wi-fi.

The bulb has a concealed integrated camera that easily captures the images or videos without noticing the bugler. I get almost 1080p quality when I look for the video, and this video is captured with a 2mp camera. The bulb has a 360-degree panoramic view to cover the whole place. A two-way audio system ensures that I can hear what the other parties are saying.

What is LiveGuard Pro

I don’t need to buy or use any other particular device for this special security camera. This device is easily suitable for my android device. I can also run the camera on the iPhone and to maintain the whole section I just need to connect with my wi-fi.

LiveGuard Pro device has a micro SD slot and a mini camera installed inside the bulb. So, when any buglers come, they mark this device as a random bulb. This is a great opportunity for me as I can watch or listen to what the buglers are saying or doing in front of the camera.

Also, this device has a human sensor function that notifies me of unusual activities without notifying the buglers. This security camera device is easy to install and I can take care of my baby, elder people, or pets from far away.

Special Features of LiveGuard Pro (List Item): LiveGuard Pro Review

The LiveGuard Pro Review is not complete without the features, so here I come with some core features of this life-saving device.

Special Features of LiveGuard Pro (List Item) LiveGuard Pro Review

  • LiveGuard Pro has a 360-degree angle camera that provides a full view.
  • This device has a motion sensor alarm that alerts the users about moving people.
  • Two-way audio systems allow listening sound from both sides.
  • It has one SD card slot and it supports up to 128 GB of SD cards.
  • I get 30 minutes backup for video, in case there is no power or electricity.
  • 1080p HD quality ensures a crystal-clear image and video.
  • There is no screw, wires, or anything so I can easily set up the bulb.

LiveGuard Pro Review: How to Use LiveGuard Pro

LiveGuard Pro is a bulb that I easily set on the plug point. I can easily connect with the device and easily operate the camera with the help of wi-fi. The inside 360 panoramic camera helps to keep an eye on the whole area. Here I will show you how to use this LiveGuard Pro in two steps.

LiveGuard Pro Review How to Use LiveGuard Pro

First Step:

At first, I set up the LiveGuard Pro bulb in a place where I can see the whole area. For this-

  • I selected the holder where I wanted to set the bulb. Then, put the bulb in the lamp holder and turn the bulb.
  • A click on the lamp holder will confirm that this device is perfectly fitted in the holder.
  • Now I need to connect the inside camera with my device through wi-fi or mobile network.

Second Step:

Now come to the second step where I will show you how can you be able to connect the camera with your device.

LiveGuard Pro Review How to Use LiveGuard Pro 1

  • First, I downloaded the app for the device and install it on my mobile.
  • Then open the app and select the plus (+) sign from the app.
  • A pop-up window will show on the screen where I select the option new device.
  • To connect the device with your wi-fi network you need to write the password.
  • Now, wait till the wi-fi find out the device.
  • When the device name will appear on the screen, just tap on the name and it will connect.

By following these two steps I easily connected the LiveGuard Pro with my device. Now, I can easily navigate from my phone or laptop. This device ensures that no one will be able to steal my appliances from home or office.

How Do I Purchase The Liveguard Pro Bulb Camera?

I was looking for a reliable source that can give me the LiveGuard Pro Bulb Camera. I got the bulb from the official website with 50% discounts. They have a free delivery option. Another offer they activate for the customer is Buy two Get one free. This is the Best Seller offer for now.

How Do I Purchase the LiveGuard Pro Bulb Camera

My Conclusion

Whenever I think of installing a security camera, its maintenance cost scared me a lot. So I was looking for a unique security camera with a minimum cost that will not notify the buglers at all. That’s when LiveGuard Pro caught my eye. Through the LiveGuard Pro Review, I tried to give you every single detail that I learned.

No one will be able to easily find out where the camera is. There is no chance of getting suspicious when you use this device. Instead, I can get lots of benefits, such as HD quality video, clear sound, saving the video, etc. Also, this device easily identifies the loop record and notified the users instantly. This is why I prefer to choose the device to maintain my home security from buglers.

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