How to Use Mobile as CCTV Camera Without Internet?

How to use mobile as CCTV camera without internet? Through Alfred or other CCTV applications you can connect CCTV to the mobile without internet. You can use your extra phones that are old or not in use as cameras. The app interface selects a host device to manipulate the main cameras.

You will need to download Alfred on both devices and the application will synchronize your device. You will also need to service the device for it to work properly. In this article you will find all the steps to use a mobile as a CCTV. Also we gave the prohibitions and tips that you will need to be careful of.

Can I Really Use Mobile As CCTV Camera Without The Internet?

How to Use Mobile as CCTV Camera Without Internet

How to connect CCTV to mobile without internet? With the help of ip cams supported apps you can connect your CCTV with your mobile. These apps hosts your device as a tree then controls the other devices

Specifically speaking, you’ll need to download some apps to work your smartphone as a CCTV camera. Then you can use that device as a CCTV. Applications like this function your cameras as a background activity. Then this app stores the recording in the dedicated storage.

There are also some disadvantages of using a smartphone as a CCTV. The smartphone needs a power source to work from. The smartphone will work until its battery life. So, its functionalities are limited. Settle an alternative power source for the smartphone to work efficiently. Otherwise, it may sleep out.

What Do I Need To Use A Mobile As CCTV Camera Without The Internet?

CCTV Camera Without The Internet.

How to share a camera between two Android phones without internet? With some specific applications free or paid you can connect to mobile cameras. There are many apps. Most of them are free. You’ll first need the internet to download those apps. Store up the apps with the help of the internet and then install them. Then you will need to find a spot to place your smartphone. Place it in a suitable spot. Where the device is free of any harm.

The camera of the device should be in perfect working condition. Most of the time the camera functionality decreases in an old smartphone. Check your smartphone thoroughly for any defects. Defects in the smartphone may be a problem for your achievement. These flaws should be cured as soon as possible. Most of the time it’s the battery defects. The battery health shouldn’t be altered.

The storage of the phone must be completely vacant. You will need adequate space and also an alternative location to store your recorded videos. If the internal storage is enough then no external storage is needed. If your phone records in high definition then you will need to get external storage options. And also make sure the microphone is recording. If you need voice recording too.

Get a power source for your device. The battery life is not sufficient if you want the recording of the whole day. Make sure your phone is charged constantly. If you can do that, charge your phone within specific periods.

How to Use Mobile as Cctv Camera Without Internet (Step by step)

How to Use Mobile as Cctv Camera

In this part of the description, we will give you step-by-step manners to set your smartphone as a CCTV.

Step 1:

Take your smartphone out. Select the device or smartphone that you want to act as the subordinate. Modern generation’s smartphones are most efficient in case of using the smartphone as CCTV. There has to be a camera on the device. If you want a better resolution you can select a smartphone with adequate camera quality.

Step 2:

The smartphone must be in proper working function. It shouldn’t be an inactive device. And also the camera should be working perfectly. No dust on the lens. With a dusty lens, you won’t see anything. Fragile phones are highly risky for this type of work. Update your device or the smartphone with the latest user interface.

Step 3:

The storage of the device should be empty. Recorded videos use a lot of spaces. A 480p resolution video almost uses 500 to 600 megabytes per hour. So, if you need recording for a whole day you must use 12 gigabytes of storage daily. If the storage capacity of the device is not adequate purchase or attain external storage. SD cards are more efficient. You can also connect a hard drive with the device.

Step 4:

Download the applications you need to make your device a CCTV. There are many applications used for accessing your device camera from the background. Some of them are free to use and the user interface of these applications is also user-friendly.

Step 5:

Set your application properly. Get a device for viewing and a device for using as a camera. Install the apps on both phones.

Step 6:

Put your device in a safe place. Make sure your device is in a safe position. Not prune to any damage.

Step 7:

Set a power source for your device. Or charge your phone periodically if you want long recordings.


How to use mobile as CCTV camera without Internet? We gave all the answers to this question in the above description. Follow the instructions properly. The ways we gave are highly efficient. It will help you get more knowledge on this topic. Using a mobile as a surveillance camera without the internet is not a big problem. A lot of people don’t use their old phones. Sometimes people get an upgrade and sell their old phones. Next time don’t sell your old phones. You can use them as a CCTV camera to be more efficient.

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