How To Use Echo Shows As Security Camera [Vividly Explains]

Traditionally, it is good to use specifically designed cameras for security purposes to monitor the house from afar. However, with the Amazon Echo Show at hand, security cameras are not as necessary. When considering using Echo Shows as security cameras the question how to use Echo Shows as security cameras comes in.

Although the camera in an Echo show is basically for video calls, with the newly introduced features by Amazon and some settings, Echo shows can serve as security cameras. Amazon introduced a new feature called “Home Monitoring” this feature is available in the versions with built-in cameras. With this, the house can be viewed remotely without anyone knowing. You may be wondering how to use Echo Show as a security camera. This article vividly explains how to go about it.

Can You Use Echo Show As Security Camera?

Yes, you can use Echo Show As Security Camera. The Echo Show has a security set called Amazon Guard. The Amazon Guard has a feature that enables an away mode. When leaving the house, set the echo Show on away mode. This enables the Echo Show to activate the intelligent alerts and various security features: like controlling the smart locks and lights in the home.

Can You Use Echo Show As Security Camera

With the Echo Show set on all away, the intelligent alert turns on, knowing the operator or owner is away. The smart alert picks up dangers like forcing into the house through the door or a glass window. It then passes a signal to different security tools like Ring or ADT.  The guard also monitors the smart lights, lamps, and smart locks in the house. With the Amazon Guard, Echo Show locks the smart doors. It also regulates the illumination in the house to ensure that it picks up the image of people entering the house. This will, of course, detect invaders.

How To Use Echo Show as Security Camera?

Once it has been decided to set up the Echo Show as a security camera, the question how to use Echo Show as Security Camera sets in.

How To Use Echo Show as Security Camera

  1. Swipe down your echo Show’s display click settings.
  2. In settings, click camera, go to home monitoring toggle.
  3. Read the instruction and click continue twice.
  4. Type in your Amazon password. Click done.
  5. If your Amazon account is 2FA enabled, punch on the code and click continue.
  6. Click done. The echo Show is ready to work as a security camera.
  7. The house can be viewed on the tablet or phone through an Alexa app or other app to watch live videos connected to your Amazon account.
  8. Ensure the device used is set as a trusted device on the Echo Show.

After the echo Show has been set up for home monitoring, it is crucial to connect the tablet or phone intended to view the live feed. To do this, an Alexa app or any other app used to watch live videos connected to your Amazon account is needed.

With an Alexa app, follow the following instructions to connect to the echo Show at home:

  1. Open the Alexa app, then click on Open Devices.
  2. Click on camera, then pick your desired camera or
  3. Select an intelligent home dashboard.
  4. Click on cameras and pick the device name.

To double-check if the Echo Show is properly set up as a security camera, it is good to try to use it before leaving the house. This will ensure adequate set up of the camera.

Which Echo Show Is Best As A Security Camera?

To use an Echo Show as a security camera, the best Echo Show to consider is one with a large and clear camera. Considering the models and productions of Amazon Echo Shows, a good camera fit to act as a security camera would be the 2nd generation model. This model has a five (5) megapixel- camera. It also has a big test screen of 11 inches.

Knowing that the Echo Show is not produced to act as security cameras, it is good to support and improve security by getting security cameras. This will grant a robust “360-degree security camera for home.”

What Are The Benefits Of Using the Echo Show As a Security Camera?

The benefits of using the Echo Show as a security camera compared to traditional security cameras are enormous. Since Echo Shows are basically for video calls, it is good to use them for additional security cameras. However, Echo Shows have benefits over traditional security cameras. Some of these benefits are as follows:

What Are The Benefits Of Using the Echo Show As a Security Camera

  • Control: One of the benefits of Echo Shows is that it can be controlled remotely, without the aid of the internet. It helps to view the house from any distance, as long as the camera is set to home monitoring and all the instructions above are followed.
  • Privacy: the echo Show is not invaders friendly; since echo Shows are not exposed to the internet, they do not allow strangers to view the home freely. This helps to solve the fear that someone else might be monitoring the house.
  • Swift detector: Echo Shows, compared to the traditional security cameras, possess a fast detector, which helps detect new or strange sounds and images. This is possible with the aid of its innovative alert features that helps to regulate the lighting in the house. It is also supported by how the microphones an Echo Show is placed.
  • Rotation: the echo Show 10 has a rotating feature. This feature can be used to check around the room to know where the movement or sound is coming from. Sadly, this rotation does not enable the camera to face up or down. This means the camera can not be controlled to look up or face down. It can only be controlled sideways. This can be done by sliding left or right.
  • Zoom feature: just like the rotation feature, the zoom feature is only possible on the latest version, which is echo Show 10. On the echo Show 10, pinch the screen to zoom in and out when viewing the house live.
  • Large screen: Echo Shows, especially the current versions, have large screens.  This feature enables its display to be bigger and better, hence, picking up strange images faster. This image will also help the viewer to see the house clearly, even without the use of the zoom feature.
  • Secrecy: with an echo Show, the house can be monitored without anyone in the house knowing. This is because the “home monitoring” feature hides the face of the viewer. This is different from Drop In, which is for video calls.

Wrap Up

With this manual, the general question of  How To Use Echo Shows As Security Cameras is vividly explained. Using Echo Shows as security cameras is beneficial and economical with its merit of monitoring the happenings in the house without the fear of third-party access.

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