How to Use ADT Wi-Fi Camera without Service?

The ADT Wi-Fi camera needs a steady connection to a monitoring service for it to work effectively. Many people do not enjoy using the camera with the monitoring service for the extra cost. The question now is how to use ADT Wi-Fi camera without service.

To use the Wi-Fi camera without a monitoring service, you need to find a way to self-monitor your ADT camera. Buy the camera and use an app to self-monitor your camera. Stay with us as we take you through how you can use an ADT camera without service. Also, we will let you know if you can use ADT cameras with other companies. Keep reading this article to explore.

Can I use ADT cameras without service?

It is general knowledge that using an ADT camera without service is not acceptable. This goes for other security cameras as well. But, there is a way to bypass it and use your ADT camera without a monitoring service.

You have to subscribe to a plan to record and store videos. The company that produces ADT cameras keeps the device connected to a contract agreement on monitoring. Although you can install an ADT device in your home, you cannot use it without signing up for the service agreement. Most times, the security company that produces the camera monitors the footage.

Can I use ADT cameras without service

Regular ADT Packages and Cost

Although ADT will compulsorily log you into a monitoring agreement, you still need to choose the plan you want. ADT has different workable plans for users’ preferences. Their plans are on monthly calculations, and each plan offers a unique service, as one has more features than the other. You need to know that all five plans cost differently, too. Let’s look at the plans and their different benefits.

  • Essentials package

The Essentials package is the least of all 5 packages. It has the smallest benefits and cost lesser than other packages. Essentials have a basic control panel, motion detector, and two windows & door sensors. It also has a security key fob and maintenance warranty.

All these features can be enough for people with not much security needs or people securing fewer properties. Now for the cost, monthly monitoring for Essentials costs $27.99 to $36.99, and the installation fee is $99. This package does not have Life Safety, and it does not include a $100 visa reward card.

  • Traditional package

The Traditional package follows after the Essentials package. It has just two advantages over the Essentials and one extra sensor. The traditional package has an upgraded control panel, motion detector, three window and door sensors, and cellular monitoring and backup. It also has a maintenance warranty, life safety service, and access to two-way voice communication.

The traditional package costs $44.99 per month for ADT to monitor the device. They charge $99 to install it for you, and it includes a $100 visa reward card. All these costs are separate from the price of the device.

  • Remote package

The Remote package is the next highest to the Traditional package. The Remote packages have an upgraded control panel, motion detector, three window and door sensors, and cellular monitoring and backup feature. This package also has a maintenance warranty, access to two-way voice communication, and a life safety service.

There is access to the ADT control mobile app and an extra camera choice. The package costs $52.99 monthly, and its installation fee is $99. It includes a $100 Visa reward card.

  • Video and Home package

The Video and Home package is the highest package ADT has. ADT has packed this package with many benefits even more than the other packages. With the extra benefits comes the extra cost. This package works for people who have a large range of vitals to protect or monitor.

The video and home package have a motion detector, an upgraded control panel, three window and door sensors, and a life safety service. Also, it has a maintenance warranty, access to two-way voice communication and access to ADT control mobile app.

Furthermore, there you can choose one new camera device to use with this package. It has real-time video monitoring and cloud storage. This package’s monthly payment is $62.99, and its installation costs $99 to $199, depending on the installation equipment.

With all this protocol, one will need to use the camera without service to save money, time, and strength. The good news is that it is possible to use the ADT camera without the ADT monitoring service. You can self-monitor your device.

How to Use ADT Wi-Fi Camera without Service?

Many people don’t like ADT service, while other people complain about the cost. Some people just want to be in charge, as they don’t feel safe with their security in another person’s hands. There is only one way you can use the camera without their service. So let’s see how to use an ADT Wi-Fi camera without service.

How to Use ADT Wi-Fi Camera without Service

The one way is self-monitoring, and the disadvantage is that you might not be in a position to do anything when a danger alarm goes up. Then, you will get robbed even with all your security systems; otherwise, you are good to go with the self-motoring method. Anyway, let’s check the DIY approach below.

The DIY method

This is the most-trusted method to use if you do not want to pay for ADT service on their WiFi camera. With the DIY approach, you will save your money and won’t spend a dime on anything. It is cost-effective. Also, you won’t sign any contract, but you will still have an outstanding system. The safe way to do it yourself is to ask an ADT agent for guidelines or use the ADT Blue app.

Using Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT is a free mobile app for you to self-monitor your ADT Wi-Fi camera. With the app, you don’t need a monitoring service from ADT. You just have to set up the app, connect it to the camera and do it yourself. You can create your system in the app or create a Camera-Only system.

The app communicates with your smart home devices and grants you control over them. With Blue by ADT, you can set up rules that smart home devices can work with. You can create alerts, manage users, access your camera’s usage history, and even save media remotely with the app.

The app notifies you of every action on your ADT devices, and here you monitor the services alone and react alone. There is no shortage of package benefits in the app.

Can I Use ADT Cameras with Another Company?

Although ADT offers a high optical zoom security camera, it is not compulsory to use ADT service with ADT cameras. If you think the cost of ADT service is too high and there is a cheaper company you want to opt-in for, you can switch from ADT service. It doesn’t cost anything to switch; you just need the monthly fee for the company you are switching to.

Probably, there is a company you think can do a better monitoring job than ADT, and you already have ADT devices. Feel free to switch to the company and get an experience with them. Mostly, all you need to do is talk to the company’s agent, and they will set it up for you for their service cost.

Bottom line

Security is one most important factors for humans. Especially when you are in a dangerous area where people can break into your house and steal things, it is good to have ADT monitor your home security devices so they can signal for help immediately after a danger alarm goes on.

However, ADT service might be too expensive for you or too below standard. So, you may want to disconnect from ADT service and also know how to use ADT Wi-Fi camera without service, which is possible. But, you will either monitor the ADT security devices you have by yourself or switch to another company to do the monitoring.

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