How to Mount Security Camera without Screws?

Many people do not like the idea of mounting security cameras with screws. This is because mounting security cameras with screws might destroy the wall, especially when taking it off. People who change their security camera positions frequently also do not like the screwing idea because of its holes in the walls.

So let’s see how to mount security cameras without screws. Contrary to the belief of many people, you can mount your security cameras on walls without drilling holes or using screws. For that operation, you need magnetics mounts and adhesive mounts. Also, a few other mounting accessories can do the job perfectly.

We will give a broad explanation of how to mount your security cameras on your wall without drilling holes or using screws. Also, we will inform you of safety measures to consider when you are mounting the security camera in this article. Continue reading to learn more and do a smooth security camera mounting job.

Can You Mount Security Cameras without Screws?

Although it might not be common information that you can mount security cameras without screws, it is still possible. There is not just one method to do the security camera mounting. There are different ways, and each of them has different procedures for you to follow.

Can You Mount Security Cameras without Screws

Some ways make the security accessories for the security camera mounting favorable for facility exteriors. In contrast, others are the best of interiors. They do not need any drilling or screwing or any kind.

You don’t have to bare holes in your walls or fear destroying your walls just for mounting security cameras. The mounting leaves your wall flawless and clean. You can change the security camera position as frequently as you want to without issues. The process is easy even more than the drilling and screwing option, so it is safe.

How to Mount Security Camera without Screws

Mounting security cameras without screws is much easier than going through the stress of drilling holes on your wall and forcing in the screws. The screw-free mounting is even cleaner and faster than the standard screw mounting. To achieve the screw-free security camera mounting operation, let’s see how to mount security cameras without screws.

How to Mount Security Camera without Screws

Use Magnetic Mounts

Using magnetic mounts is the neatest means to get your security camera on the wall. However, it works with selective types of security cameras. This means not all cameras have magnetic features on them. So, to use the magnetic mounts, you need to get a security camera that supports them.

Mounting your security camera with a magnetic mount is as easy as placing the magnetic mount on the wall. Make sure you place it in the right spot where you want the camera to be. Then, carefully place the camera at the center of the magnetic mount allow it to magnet and stick. With that, you can turn the camera to face any angle of the room.

Use Adhesive Mounts

Using adhesive mounts is the easiest way to mount a security camera without screws. The mount has adhesive behind it that makes it sticky to the spot you mount it. It is removable, making it not too conducive for some surfaces. This is because when you want to remove it, you need force, and it might pill off part of the surface when it comes out.

So, we advise you to use such mounts on glass surfaces that won’t get damaged when you are disengaging. The connection between the mount and the camera is behind and at the front of the mount. So, it makes attaching and detaching the camera easy.

Use Wrap Mounts

These mounts come in two types, and they are both easy to use. There is the one with one long tail and the one with more than one tail. You can use them both outside and inside your house.

To use this mount, wrap it tightly around a pole, hook, or any narrow object that is around the place you want to mount your camera. Then fix the camera on the space it has for fixing the camera.

Use Gutter Mounts

Gutter mounts are mostly used to mount cameras outside the house. Most people have gutters around every part outside their house. This makes it easy to use the gutter mounting. However, the problem you might have with mounting style is if rain frequently falls in your area, as it might push the mount off.

To use this, tighten the back of the mount to the edge of a part of the gutter. Make sure the mount is at the spot you want it to be. Then, get your camera on the mount by hanging or screwing it in. Make use of the option the mount provides you with.

Use Vinyl Sliding Clips Hooks

You can use the vinyl sliding clips hooks to mount your cameras outside. But, if you have the facility, you can also use it inside the house. It is easy to mount, as you just need to find a space to hang the clip hook and screw it to the back of the camera.

Place the Security Camera on A Shelf or Table

This is just cost-effective and easy because you don’t need to buy another mount other than the one the camera probably has. Since you should place your security camera up so it can cover a wide range, you might as well find a high spot to keep the camera. A table or a shelf can work perfectly for this, and you can change the position anytime you want.

Use Flexible Tripod Mounts

People know tripods for holding cameras for video sessions, but they can also hold a security camera to a spot as long as you want it. Get a flexible tripod and wrap it on a pole in any other suitable place for it. Then, fix the camera on the mount.

Use Clip Clamp Mounts

Using a clip clamp mount is another easy mounting means. It had a tight clipping mouth that you could use to clip on any protruding surface. It also has a screw at the top to fix its camera. With this, you can get a spot inside or outside your house, clip the clip clamp mount, and screw the camera on it.

Safety Considerations While Mounting Security Cameras without Screws

There are things you need to consider in order not to make mistakes when mounting a camera without screws or drilling.

Safety Considerations While Mounting Security Cameras without Screws

Choose a Suitable Location:

You need to know that your camera needs to be up. Mounting your camera at a low point will limit the range of its coverage. So, make sure you mount your camera at a good spot and make sure it is up. If the place is too high that you can barely see what is down, you need a security camera with optical zoom.

Also, another thing with locations is that they should suit your security needs. You don’t want to mount your camera in a safe spot and leave the unsafe option unsecured. So, make sure the location you are mounting your camera is worth it.

Mount the Camera Firmly and Carefully:

Mounting the camera carefully and firmly is important for it to stay that way until you change the position. If the camera is not firm on the mount, it might fall off when just a little pressure falls on it.

Measure and Connect the Camera Appropriately:

For cameras that require wires to connect, you need to measure the wire to know the length it can go before you mount the camera. This is to avoid mistakes and the stress of remounting the camera.

Turn Off the Camera Before Mounting It:

Before mounting your security camera, make sure it is not running and if it is, turn it off. This is to avoid complications when you are mounting the camera.

Final Thoughts

You need to know how to mount security cameras without screws. Drilling holes on walls and screwing mounts on them will damage your wall when you want to take off the camera or change its position.

It is even worse when you change the camera position frequently, as you will leave holes everywhere on your wall. So, it is the best fit for you to mount your camera with magnetic mounts, wrap mounts, adhesive mounts, and many others. It is also important to take precautions when mounting security cameras.

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