How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws [Best Ways To Install]

According to The Verge, The US has one surveillance camera per person, and the world will have one billion of it by 2021. That’s why, now, the home security systems are replaced by tiny IP cameras with a more detailed and broader view of the home and neighborhood. And, who wants to spend some bucks to do this easy job? Of course, you’re not!

The question is, how to mount the cameras? Will it ruin the walls? The first answer is, there are several ways to mount it. And next is, yes they can ruin the walls if mounted with screws. That’s why we are here to let you know how to mount security camera without screws. Let’s know it all!

What Systems You Can Use to Mount Security Camera without Screws

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” – Dorothea Lange. That’s how we always think about the alternative idea for everything around us, such as holding the security camera without any holes in the wall for screws. Therefore, we have researched the most common fact asked for mounting security cameras and found out the essential Systems you need.

1. Siding Hooks Mounting

Siding Hooks Mounting

It is the lightest tool for mounting the camera without drilling holes on the wall or the door of apartments and homes. Moreover, it works great on both wooden and brick walls for wireless security cameras like Arlo Pro 3, Arlo ultra, etc. Therefore, you have to find a proper place like gaps in the wooden fence or top of the front door to place it and attach it with the camera mount.

2. Door Hook Mounting

Door Hook Mounting

Ever think about using the security camera from a doorbell point of view! You can have your camera (i.e., video doorbell) without screwing it on the door with this mount. Therefore, you have to attach it with the door hooks and set the camera in the clip. Moreover, no one can remove it quickly as it hooks and attaches the camera with the door-side firmly.

3. Corner Mounting

Corner Mounting

These mounts are applicable for indoor and outdoor cameras for the corners, even on the door. Specifically, it is made of comprehensive layered plastic material to cover any weather and hold the camera pretty firmly for security camera systems. But, for indoors, you can put the thin pin on the brick wall for a better hold as there are places for that in the mount. Also, you can use tapes for the door view.

4. Adhesive Strip and Suction Cup Mounting

Adhesive Strip and Suction Cup Mounting

An adhesive strip or suction cup works up on the table or the roof rack or glass with light-weighted wi-fi cameras. So, all you have to do is find a proper place for the camera where the cup or tape can still hold it. Therefore, it is mainly used for temporary video transmission or watching the kids in the room.

5. Over The Door Mounting

Over The Door Mounting

It is not a very common mounting system, but it pretty handy for use. Here, your stainless-steel hook by yourself, or buy it online quickly and put it on the door to hold the camera without any use of screws.

6. Gutter Mounting

gutter Mounting

These hooks are for those houses that have a gutter system on the roof. Therefore, it is only usable for outdoor security camera mounting for specific homes with gutter mounts.

For the wired cameras, you have to manage the power source with the power outlets and the installation process. Because the ethernet extension cables or the security camera wires can interrupt the holding system and setup process through the hook. Only after that, you should pick a suitable place for the tools we have talked about except the door hooks.

How to Mount Security Camera Without Screws

According to PCMAG, about 43.9% of around 1000 individuals have at least one security camera, and most are wireless. So, we can say that it is a basic need for home security in American neighborhoods, and its ratio will be raised when there will be a simple way for mounting and installation.


Therefore, the mounting systems we have discussed earlier. Now it is time for the mounting process of security cameras without screws. We have divided the process into three steps. All three of them need to be individually followed.

Step 1: The Height and The Position

Firstly, you have to think about the perfect height for the security camera so that you can have good coverage. However, 9 feet is a good height to record any incidents. likely, you can mount it higher but will not get good clarity.

Although there are long-range wifi security cameras available for better coverage, it will only work if the positioning is proper. Therefore, you can attach 3-4 cameras in different positions to get pictures in 360degree view outdoor.

But we will suggest you put it in such height so that your pet or kids can’t reach it under any circumstances. Specially, you have to measure a perfect position for the security camera cables for the wired ones.

Step 2: Mounting Systems and Their Tools

Secondly, you can choose any of the mounting systems we discussed earlier and collect the perfect tools for it. Therefore, we will prefer the siding hook mounting and Corner mounting system outdoors for efficient home security from burglars or intruders. Also, you can use Vinyl siding clips for a solid hold on the camera for a more extended period.

The door hooks are primarily designed for indoor security, but you can also use them for front doors for a video doorbell from an alarm company. In addition, the adhesive tape and suction cups are used explicitly with the small camera (i.e., Arlo Pro 2 cameras) to monitor kids or to have a view of the garage. So, battery-powered security cameras will be the best option for it.

Step 3: The Clipping and Angling

Finally, you have to bring the chosen hook or clip to the place where you decided to put the camera and set it up there. For example, if it is a vinyl siding, you have to put the hook at the bottom of the sidings. Also, you can do it on aluminum siding on the base material surface or any homemade brand-new siding with a base of plywood.

Now, about the setting, you must check the size of the hook or clip as per the gap in which it will be inserted using the measuring tapes. Then, you have to attach the camera with screws strongly and the adapter of the camera like a 4-in-1 power adapter, etc.

After that, you can attach the hook with the wall with double-sided tapes or thin pins, which can barely put a drilling spot on it. However, if it is a door you are aiming for, several hooks and clips are available in the market that does not need anything to hold it still. Also, you can use suction cups to keep it even on the glass of accessible windows.

Precautions For Mounting Security Camera Without Screws

When mounting the security cameras with the screws you need to take some precautions. These are to keep you safe and to do the work properly. They are:

  • Check the hook and base plate if they can hold your camera or not. Therefore, you have to be precise about the weight and size of it.
  • Avoid the areas with electrical wires within the wall and try to position the camera on the corners.
  • Always turn off the router or electrical switches that carry the camera’s wire before mounting it on your beautiful home walls for safety.
  • If you have additional cameras with WDR technology, you must put them on the home’s common areas like driveway, garage, lawn, front door, etc.
  • Mount the hook or clip to the indirect light angle position to avoid any sort of reflection.
  • Always follow the battery-powered IP camera installation guide to install and mount the camera without screws.
  • Always buy the tapes or cups from the branded company for the stronger hold on the hook or plate.

“Security cameras besides keeping an eye on all your belongings also give you satisfaction and peace of mind.”- Digital Surveillance. These two things come with the relaxation that you got your eye on your areas, and nothing can go beyond your knowledge.

Now, if the mounting of the security cameras is more straightforward with just a hook or plate, it will give you relief before you had your eyes on the screen. Therefore, this guide to how to mount a security camera without screws will help prove itself helpful in your quest.

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