How To Hide Trail Camera From Humans?

Trail cameras are a great way to track your target animals in the forest when you go hunting. It makes your hunting journey more fun and successful. Without going closer to them, you can trace any animal from a minimum distance. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to understand their behavior.

But you also need to know how to hide trail cameras from humans because you should not want them to understand that you are tracking their activities with a trail camera. You have to hide the camera so that trespassers may not find it. Therefore, trail cameras can be a good tracker to track trespassers or criminals to your house or any other place.

Are Trail Cameras Waterproof?

Most the trail cameras come with water-resistant feature, not waterproof features. You know that the trail camera is left outdoor for an extended period. Also, they have to be durable and sturdy when putting them outside in all weather conditions. If you can see the Browning trail cameras, they are primarily water-resistant, and you should not submerge them underwater.

How to hide trail camera from humans

You may not expect their continuous operation underwater as they are not waterproof. To track the trespassers or criminals, you need to install a trail camera outside your home, and you can track their movement and activities sitting inside your room. Therefore, trail cameras are mostly water resistant but not waterproof to submerge underwater and operate the devices completely.

How To Hide Trail Camera From Humans?

When it comes to your security purpose, you need to install trail cameras outside your house. Sitting in your room, you can easily trace and track anybody suspicious to you. Trail cameras are being used throughout the years for tracking and capturing images of anybody’s activities without letting them know what is doing the trail camera.

Therefore, you need to install the trail camera in such a way that they can never imagine where the camera is in operation and monitoring their activities. Otherwise, they will destroy the camera before you can use their captured images as evidence.


It is one of the most popular and safe ways to hide your trail camera so that nobody can see the camera in operation. You know that almost none of us don’t look up while walking, whether in the woods or any places. Therefore, you should find a suitable place higher than the reach of a human hand to safely install your trail cameras so that you can track their activities without any disruption.

Find a place that is at least 10 feet higher than your reach. You should never position a trail camera at a human’s eye level because it will be searchable, and anybody can find it while walking in front of the camera. So, when it comes to securing your property from criminals, install a trail camera high.

Camouflaged Cases

After purchasing your trail camera, the second most important thing you need to confirm is- how to hide trail cameras from humans, right? Many ways are available to conceal your trail camera so that the trespassers or criminals cannot find it. Therefore, they cannot interfere with your camera’s operation.

However, the trail camera’s color is something solid and almost matches the surrounding environment. But it does not do the same thing all time. Therefore, you need a camouflaged case to conceal the trail camera from the eyes of the trespassers.

Consider Foliage

Another technique for clouding the precise lines of a path camera is to use foliage to cover it. Connecting characteristic foliage to the camera case is perfect, yet it takes some inventiveness. The primary concern to manage as a top priority is that darkening your camera from sight doesn’t mean obstructing the camera’s focal point or recognition sensor.

The field of view and the discovery zone are triangular-formed zones that lead out from the camera to one side and right. Blocking both of these zones even partially can bring about rehashed obscured pictures and void casings. We would prefer not to trigger the camera’s instrument to fire when no objectives are available, so keep any extra cover well away from these two basic regions.

Build a natural box

It is another way to hide your trail camera from the eyes of human beings. Building a natural box for your trail camera is not something that is too difficult for you to make. You have to consider the color around nature where you want to install the trail camera.

Then, you should head over to make the box yourself; you can make the box with plastic or wood. Plastic should be more convenient for you because it will last for longer than a wood box. After building the box according to the size of the camera, you should color or paint it to match the color of nature around it.

A Fake birdhouse

If you have tall trees in your backyard, you can build a fake birdhouse easily. Also, make sure you have built the birdhouse at least away from the reach of anybody. You can create the birdhouse like a real birdhouse using straw and other things that birds use to build their nest.

Next, you have to make another box for the trail camera under the fake birdhouse. Your trail camera will be installed inside the box under the bird’s nest and starts its operation. In this way, nobody can assume that there should be a trail camera in the fake birdhouse because nobody knows that it is a fake birdhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe, you still have some questions in your mind, right? Don’t worry; below are some important and frequently asked questions with their answers so that you can enrich your knowledge about hiding a trail camera from humans.

How far can a trail camera take a picture?

A high-quality trail camera can take a picture from 100 to 120 feet distance. It depends on the quality and price of the camera, including flash range, distance variable, and other related things to take photos.

Can you use a trail camera as a security camera?

A trail camera is mostly used for tracking the movement and behavior of wildlife. But the primary use of the trail camera and a security camera is almost the same; you can use a trail camera as security.

Do trail cameras need WiFi?

In the case of a trail camera to detect wildlife or trespassers or even criminals, you don’t need to use a WiFi connection to get photos. It uses a rechargeable battery and provides a 1080 HD photo.

Do trail cameras make noise?

You know that most of the trail cameras are used for detecting and monitoring the movement and behavior of the animals when you go hunting, these trail cameras do not make noise.

Final Thought

To improve your hunting experience, you need all the necessary equipment along with your experience for hunting. Among the equipment, you should also consider a trail camera to monitor target animals. You can also monitor the behavior of wild animals because they will flee away if they hear or realize your presence.

In the same way, you can use trail cameras to monitor the activities and movements of the trespassers or criminals sitting inside your room. All you have to ensure is you need to learn how to hide trail cameras from humans to reap most of the benefits of these cameras.

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