How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside?

To have a good security system in your house, it is obligatory to have security cameras. The security cameras help you to detect any violence or crime towards you and prevent it. Thus, it is very important to install security cameras in your house. You must be looking for the answer of How to hide security camera wires outside?

We are here with a deep analysis on hiding the security camera wires of your house. To eliminate the intruders’ violence, besides installing security cameras, it is very important to hide the security cameras’ wires. It is also important to know the proper management and place the wire and cameras. This article is the perfect place to know how you can easily hide the security cameras outside.

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Today you will be knowing everything about how to hide security camera wires outside. We have got you all the information. Let’s not make you wait any longer. Come, let’s check the details.

Why it Is Important to Hide Your Security Camera Wires?

Security camera wires should be hidden. There are a lot of purposes for hiding the security camera wires.

Benefits of Hidden Security Camera

The first concern for hiding security camera wire getting proper security. To blindfold the intruders, you must have to hide your security camera wires anyhow. An intruder can easily break into your house if he cuts the wire. On the other side of the house where the camera visuals do not reach. So, it is important to make sure that one cannot easily detect your house’s wires.

If the camera is installed outside, if the camera wires are open and seen easily, then the birds and insects may damage your security camera wires. Thus, one cannot help hiding the wires of the security camera. Otherwise, there will be a lot of hassle to face. If you think you are not ready to take any of the hassles try using a wireless security camera.

How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

The significance of hiding the security camera wires may have overwhelmed you by now. It is also very important to choose the perfect way to hide your camera wires. It may vary from person to person depending on their structure of the house or dwelling environment. You will have to go through the technique after analyzing your house’s structure and the security cameras’ placement.  Here are several ways to hide your security camera wires;

How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

1. Paint the Wires

After clipping the camera’s wires very smoothly, you can easily paint the wires of your house matching the color of the house. If the wires are clipped finely, then after painting it, one can hardly detect the security cameras’ wires.

2. Choosing the Same Color of Wire

This method is also very effective. You can use the wire matching with the color of your house. After placing the camera, get the wire measurement you will need, then grab the wire of the exact color of your house’s wall.

3. Using the Baseboards

The baseboard is the wooden boards you will find in the lower part of your house’s wall. This technique is very easy to apply. If your house consists of this type of baseboard, then all you have to do is take out the baseboards and run the wires through them. After that, fix the baseboards.

4. Hide the Wires in the Wall:

Just drill a hole in the wire and get the wire through it. In this process, the wires won’t be seen, but you may have to consult any professionals to operate them. Through this process, nobody will find the exact locations of the wire.

5. Using the False Ceiling

If your house is a false ceiling, then this one is obviously for you. It is a very simple technique to apply. Just take your wires over the false ceiling. It will make it look like no wires are existing.

6. Use the Plastic Tubes

You can use plastic tubes to hide the wires. Though the wire flow will be eye-sighted, it will not be easy to damage the wires of the security camera wire. So, this method applies to any type of house, whether indoor or outdoor this method will make an absolute impact.

7. Burying the Wire

People sometimes bury the wires of the security camera in the yard or the basement. Here you will not have to follow the pattern to pass the wire. As there are no obstacles, you can use the shortest path to flow your wire and keep it safe.

The Benefits of Hidden Security Camera Wires

There are a lot of benefits of hidden security cameras. Let us have a look at which benefits are certain with the hidden security camera wires.

Benefits of Hidden Security Camera

  • Connection stays safe from intruders.
  • The security from the violence is more ensured than the open wires
  • You can have a stable connection as the wire is not being harmed.
  • Save money by not buying a wireless security camera
  • The durability is nearly doubled.
  • House looks more furnished.


The hiding of the security camera wires is very significant for the overall management of the security cameras. All the faultless techniques are discussed here. You can now easily choose How to hide security camera wires outside, depending on your circumstance.

It also depends on how much afford you to give to hide your security camera wires. Some of the methods are cheap in cost and easy to apply. At the same time, others are time-consuming and may need more labor. Hence, you have to decide on thinking overall. But you can’t avoid the hiding of the wire. It is more like mandatory work while installing a security camera. If one does not hide the wires, they are putting a disturbance in their security willingly.

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