How to Fix CCTV Camera Video Loss?

People mostly install CCTV cameras for safety concerns. When the camera stops working, it’s threatening. Anything can happen within minutes and you won’t know. That’s why you need to know how to fix CCTV Camera Video Loss quickly. You can change the DVD port or replace the cables depending on the situation.

If you own a home security camera or use it in offices, you know the trouble of loss. We’ve explained all the possible reasons for this problem. And also the quickest method to solving them. Multiple reasons can cause CCTV camera video loss. It includes damaged DVR ports, low-grade wire, obsolete camera, hardware problems, old firmware, etc.

Why Does CCTV Camera Video Loss?

CCTV Camera Video Loss

CCTV camera video loss doesn’t occur due to a sole reason. There are several issues for which you can face this problem. Before you try to solve it, you need to be aware of the possible reasons. We have explained some of them below:

1. DVR Port is damaged due to frequent plugging and unplugging

DVR Port

During installation, we plug and unplug the BNC cable many times. This can damage the DVR port. And you won’t see any video footage if the port doesn’t work. Because the port won’t be able to receive the camera signal.

So, now you may ask how you can know if the port is damaged? It’s simple. Take out the BNC cable from a working camera. After that insert it into the port of the defective camera. If the video is still not showing then the DVR port is damaged. Simply change the port to solve this.

2. Disrupted Cable Continuity

Long cables often get nonfunctional. The cable may have bent or something else. To ensure the cables are alright, you need to check their continuity. You should have a continuity checker for this.

One edge of the wire is linked to the DVR port. And another side is to the camera. Unattached it from both ends. Then check the continuity using the device. However, if you don’t know how to do that, check the guide that comes with the device. If it is faulty, it’s better to replace the cables.

3. Camera is Not Working

Another possible reason is that the camera may not be working. This problem can happen because of a damaged DVR port or cable. Suppose if you have already checked them. And they’re completely fine. But the camera is still not working. Then maybe the problem is with the camera itself.

To check the camera, get a cable of 2-meter size. The wire will have BNC at one end. And another side will include BNC with a DC connector. Attach the first end with DVR and MPS. And the second end to the camera. Confirm that every cable is engaged appropriately. Then check if you’re getting the picture or not. If not, then the camera is defective. If you know camera fixing, you can try it. Or you also can visit a camera mechanic. However, we suggest you purchase a new camera.

4. Voltage Drop

When the voltage drops the cables don’t get sufficient power to function. This can result in flickering the footage. Or completely go black. It can result from various reasons. It includes using a lot of cable connections. The long-distance cable is another reason. Check all the connections repeatedly. You can link the wire directly with the NVR. This provides a better supply of power. And if you’re using batteries, ensure they’re charged.

5. Weak Video Signal

You always should use good quality wires. Because low-grade wires often fail to carry the signal well. And if it is too lengthy, the functionality decreases more.

Changing the cables is the best solution. Get a good quality wire from the market. They may come a little costlier. But they’re worth the price.

6. Unstable WiFi Connection

Wireless CCTV cameras require a good wifi connection. The weak connection will result in video loss. Several reasons can cause this instability. Such as the camera may be far away from the router. Or there are several hurdles between them. Also, it can be the provider who has a problem. So, if the problem is an unstable wifi connection, try making it stable.

7. Outdated Firmware

If everything is fine, maybe something is wrong with the firmware you use. Old firmware often doesn’t work well. Then buggy firmware is also another problem. Install the recent version of the firmware to get rid of this problem.

How To Fix CCTV Camera Video Loss?

How To Fix CCTV Camera Video Loss?
How To Fix CCTV Camera Video Loss?

Fixing the CCTV camera video loss issue is quite an easy job. Most problems will take a few minutes to solve. Here’s a step by step guide to fix the CCTV camera video loss problem:

Step 1: Double-Check all the Connections

First, check all the connections properly. Ensure everything including the plugs, switches, ports are okay. Because often it happens that the switch is turned off. And you’re looking for problems somewhere else.

Do this and then check the footage. If it’s fine, then the problem is solved. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Identify the Problem

The CCTV video loss problem can happen for several reasons. All the probable reasons have been illustrated above. Go through checking all the points. Thoroughly read them first. Then check what is the problem. This is necessary because different problems require different solutions. So, you need to identify the exact issue.

Step 3: Solutions

Once you have identified the problem, time to take the necessary steps. You can replace the cables. You also can update the firmware or ensure the quality of the WiFi connection. In a word, the solution completely depends on the situation. That’s why we also provided a brief solution while discussing the problems. Check that to fix the video loss problem.

Final Thought

Now you know how to fix CCTV camera video loss. Therefore, take the necessary steps ASAP. So that you can protect yourself from all possible security threats. As explained, first find what is the problem. It is so simple. All the procedure has been illustrated in detail. Based on it, try solving the issue. And you can do it in as low as a few minutes.

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