How To Connect Security Cameras To Tv? (Easy Step-by-step 2022)

Did you ever feel to install CCTV cameras in your house? Of course, you did, and that’s why you’re surfing on the internet to know about the process of connecting security cameras to your TV to view videos directly on it. There are several ways to connect surveillance cameras to your TV.

But if you didn’t do any in-depth research on how to connect security cameras to a TV, please keep reading this guideline to have the proper knowledge that will make your way easy to this journey.

Can You Connect A Security Camera To A Tv?

Security cameras are necessary enough to protect your house and property from any burglars. For this reason, you need to install security cameras in different places in your building or home. You can track the records or footages by connecting the cameras to the router, or else you can connect them to the TV or monitor.

how to connect security cameras to TV

If you connect security cameras to a TV, you should use a network video recorder that will allow you to save the video footage in the hard drives and send them to your computer.

What Do You Need For The Installation?

Do you want to install security cameras in your house to protect your property? Well, you need some basic components to complete the process. Here are some common requirements that you should have before installing security cameras.

Security Cameras

The first and foremost component is a security camera that you need for the installation. You should find proper security cameras for your house according to your budget and preference.


Another vital part is structured cabling, which is gone through walls to connect the cameras to the NVR. Besides, wireless cameras are getting popularity for home use precisely. But wire cameras are still popular for the most reliable support.

Network Video Recorder

The NVR or network video recorder is also an important part of the security system. You can install it at any place in your building, which will record videos and images on the hard drive and then send them to your computer.


NVR makes the system easy to store the data, but you should connect the hard drive where you should store them.

How To Connect Security Cameras To Tv?

Why should you connect surveillance cameras to your TV? Because sometimes, people want to watch the live videos on a TV through security cameras. There are some guidelines about how you will connect your security cameras to TV. Keep reading to know the steps.

Security Cameras Installation

Before starting the process, you need to choose the right CCTV for the installation. However, mini-dome and bullet are the most popular options in this regard. After a successful purchase, mount your surveillance cameras to the wall or ceiling and then advance to the next step, the cable connection.

Cable Connection to CCTV

If you want to avoid any bad connectivity with your security cameras, you should make a proper connection between BNC and coaxial cable from the very beginning. Otherwise, you’ll experience such a poor connection. Moreover, the braid should not be contacted to the center conductor.

Proper P4 connection

You should make a proper connection to the power supply and CCTV camera from the P4 connector that can ensure the polarity of the proper cable and not any damage to the CCTV camera. If you do this step in a hurry, you’ll face trouble in the future which is not expected.

Power supply to the Camera

One of the most important steps in a CCTV installation process is to connect the power supply to the security cameras properly. You should maintain the proper polarity. You know this is a simple step, and you should do it correctly.

The connection from the Camera to the TV

Now the ultimate goal of this guideline to connect your security cameras to the TV through BNC to RCA adapter. You should connect the cable to the standard video input of the TV, which is commonly known as audio-video input.

Switch on the TV and Select AV input

Now you’re set to go with your TV to display live video from the CCTV cameras. Once you have selected the AV input, you can see the image on the screen on your TV.

Connect Security Camera to TV

While installing security cameras in your house, you can observe everything. However, you can connect your security cameras to the internet to track activities. Besides, you can also install CCTV and connect them to the TV to display the live video. Here are the major five benefits of connecting CCTV camera to the TV.

Easy Wiring

If you want to connect CCTV to the TV, several steps are available on how you want to complete the process. There are usually four feasible ways to do it. But the most common way to use NVR system to connect your CCTV to the TV, which is easy to wiring.

Enough Storage

If you connect security cameras to the TV, you’ll have a large storage space that will allow you not to overwrite the storage soon. After the connection, you can watch the videos and also save some important moments that matter.

Work without connecting to a network

After connecting security cameras to the TV, it can start displaying videos and save them to NVR (network video recorder) without connecting to the internet or router.

Stable Signal

You’ll have a stable signal after connecting CCTV cameras to the TV using NVR. But you may face difficulties with signals if you use 3rd party software.

Easy management

You can easily manipulate the whole system. If you can upgrade all IP cameras without any hassle via the NVR system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the how-to section of the article, here, we’ve also listed some common questions that we find them very often. Please keep reading.

Do security cameras use a lot of electricity?

The security cameras are not consuming more electricity, like other gadgets. They need a small amount of electricity to operate their functions.

Do security systems work when the power is out?

In general, the security system doesn’t work when the power is cut. But the battery-powered security cameras can run and record videos and images.

How long do security system batteries last?

The batteries of a security system should last at least 3 to 5 years. But it is dependent on your security system. What types of batteries you’re using, and how often the system operates?

Final Thought

Hopefully, the guide on connecting security cameras to a TV has enhanced your way to make it easier than you thought before. Those who are more concerned about their property prefer to connect the cameras to a TV for live footage.

However, you can use a network video recorder in your security system to record the videos and images, and it’s an easy process. So, you should carefully read this article and then go yourself to do the work.

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