How To Choose Security Camera – 10 Expert Advice

Keeping your home secure requires you to keep an eye on your breaching points where you’re vulnerable. It’s not a pretty practical solution to appoint a security guard at every point or stay home to guard them. Security cameras are the most innovative safety solution that works for you 24/7, year-round, keeping an eye on your essentials. You can stay updated if your baby is safe at home, even if you’re out or working.

However, getting a security camera might seem a mind-boggling job, especially if it’s your first time. There are so many things to consider having in a security camera, depending on your purpose. This article will talk about choosing a security camera and the features you should look for. Please stick to the article to know their actual benefits and get your third eye as your security companion.

how to choose security camera

How To Choose Security Camera?

A high-quality security camera in a secure place helps ensure the safety of the property and the family members. But some people fail to choose the right security camera because they don’t know the right factors that they should focus on. Choosing a security camera for your home or office can be different as it can serve other purposes. Here is how to choose a security camera and what things you must look for while buying one:

Indoor or outdoor?

Before buying a security camera, you must determine if you’re going to use it inside the house or outside. An outside camera will cost you more because it will need to cover a brighter and wider field of view. They usually come waterproof and sturdier build quality and have a higher price range! If you live in extreme outdoor cold regions, select a security camera with a built-in heater system. You might need multiple units of them if you’re installing outdoors, so be sure to have multiple connectivities.

Consider higher resolution

Higher resolution in the video feed or still photo is always a great thing as you can find little details there. Security cameras can serve the purpose of security better if you have a higher resolution in the camera. You can view the feed on a bigger screen with crisp detailing, so try to have at least 720p resolution in your camera.

Do you need wireless?

Wireless cameras are more vulnerable to hackers than wired ones, so don’t go for wireless unless you need it. However, the wireless cameras will allow you to connect to the live feed from anywhere with an internet connection. Get them if you have your child to watch over the internet or watch your employees even when you’re not in the office.

Fixed angle or PTZ?

It’s tricky to decide; a setup with cameras with fixed angles will need you to have multiple cameras for a larger room. But a single PTZ camera can cover an extensive area as they have tilting, panning, and zooming functions. However, they can cost you more than fixed cameras as they have mechanical functionalities!

Is night vision needed?

If you need surveillance for both night and day, get a camera that can detect darkness and go night vision on its own. It will give you clear footage at night using an infrared imaging system, no matter how dark it gets. Some high-end cameras use IR filters and artificial illuminations to capture the videos. But they tend to be more expensive than the day-only regular cameras.

Do you need two-way audio?

Some cameras contain both speakers and microphones for making conversation during surveillance. Go for them if you need such facilities, such as home control, gate security control, and so on. They are common with wireless IP network cameras these days.

Consider the power source.

Going for a battery-powered security camera will be a better decision if you have a placement problem. The wireless and IP cameras usually come with this power consumption system. You can place them anywhere anytime and start getting a live feed from the camera anywhere.

How about the storage system?

Before setting up the security system, ask the service provider how much storage you’re getting. Be sure to have a decent storage capacity to store at least 30 days of footage. Furthermore, see if you can upgrade your storage later if you increase your camera count or need a larger backup space.

Types Of Security Camera

When you look for a security camera, you’ll find out that there are so many types of them. You must choose the right type to get the best out of it. Here are the most common types of security cameras you must know for now:

  • Box cameras: You can use them outside; these cameras feature customized lenses, including variable focal; however, they aren’t perfect for home use.
  • PTZ cameras have mechanical controls to zoom, tilt, or pan around for professional surveillance.
  • Bullet cameras: This type has a bullet shape to it, containing all the mechanisms inside a solid shell, and you can use them outside as well.
  • FLIR cameras: They are also known as thermal cameras; they use a separate imaging sensor to detect heat in any environment, usually for higher security purposes.
  • Dome cameras: You can use a dome camera to get a wide angle of view, typically designed for use in-store ceilings.
  • Network and wireless cameras: These are perfect for home use. If you want to look at the feed from anywhere, they can connect to the network and give you a live feed.
  • Day/Night cameras: Use them if you want the feed from day and night. They contain a night vision sensor that goes monochrome after sensing darkness.
  • Peehole cameras: It’s the digital way of looking through your door, be sure to get the best peephole security camera for all-day day/night peephole solutions.

Benefits Of Security Cameras

Security surveillance systems can be highly beneficial if you have something to keep an eye on. Here are the main benefits of security cameras that you should be aware of:

  • Keep the thieves out: Thieves know that the security camera is recording them, and the law enforcement agency will find them. So, the camera can keep them out of your property or shop.
  • Monitor activities: With a security camera, you can monitor the events of your employees, visitors, customers, and anybody you need to stay aware of.
  • Reduce crime: Criminals are aware that they will end up behind bars if they are recorded in a camera; that’s how security cameras can reduce crime.
  • Watch your child: When you’re out of home, leaving your child alone, or at the hand of the maid, you can keep your eyes on your child from anywhere in the world.
  • Making a safer environment: Security cameras help you create a better and safer working environment, to prevent unwanted behavior among your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about security cameras that you might have an interest in:

How many cameras do I need for home security?

4 to 6 cameras in the correct positions will be enough for full-proof secure home surveillance: 1 Front door, 1 Back door, 1 Interior common area, 1 Main stairway, or 1 Hallway

Can wired security cameras be hacked?

Wired cameras are more secure than wireless ones unless you have a physical breach.

Do security cameras record all the time?

Yes, they can record 24/7 if you set them to and keep them as long as you have storage.

Final Thought

Getting your first security camera can be tricky because there are too many options in the market. Follow the tips above, know how to choose security cameras, and decide what you should get. Consider all your needs, and look for the right features to fulfill those needs.

No matter what type or how much you get from your camera, don’t forget the potential of breaches. Especially if you’re going for a wireless security system, make sure you have a tight security system on your network router. It will help you stay out of potential hacks and breaches.

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