How to Block Neighbors Security Camera?

People use security cameras to ensure the security of their house and their life. Many unusual incidents may take place in our daily life. Installing the security cameras in your house may help you get rid of those things. Sometimes, it is a common scenario that your neighbor’s camera is being used to spy over you. But installing a camera in the neighbors area can hamper your personal life.

So, how to block neighbors security camera? First of all, gather every inch of the camera. Whether it is a wireless security camera or wired, calculate the camera range and make a statistic on it. Be 100% about the camera’s recording. Check out whether the camera is audio compatible or not. This article will provide you with much more information. Keep reading to find out.

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Even though your neighbors aren’t invading your privacy on purpose, you should still protect your privacy. Here you will be knowing about how to block neighbors security camera by clicking the right part.  

Can The Neighbor Record You On Your Property?

When your neighbor is allowed to record on your property through any sort of Outdoor Wireless Security Camera or wired security camera, the question arises. It is illegal to record other’s property. Because they may use this for many unethical purposes, it will violate some fast laws.

Neighbor Record You On Your Property

But on some point, the neighbor can record the video footage of your premises. As most of the camera has a high coverage range, it is generally to have your house’s sight. It is sometimes defaulted by the camera. Thus, the neighbor can’t help recording the video footage as the camera somehow is pointed towards your house.

There are many ways you can go through against these things. By spying over you your neighbour is breaking your privacy in many ways. It’s never good to see every activity of yours at your home. One can harm you in many ways. By checking out your activities something worse can be done with you.

How To Block Neighbors Security Camera

You’ll have to acknowledge the ways how to block neighbors security camera only when you feel some sort of privacy breach in your house caused by your neighbor. There are several ways to block neighbor’s security cameras. Now when you try to do so. If you feel something suspicious about your neighbor, you can only try out the following ways depending on your situation.

How To Block Neighbors Security Camera

1. Check the Camera

First of all, check if the camera is fake or not. Then try to look after the range of the camera. Sometimes it is seen that the camera is pointed to your home but due to lower range the camera can’t reach you. So before putting any allegation you have to justify it.

There are many ways to do it. You can check the model of the camera then check the configuration on the internet. After that, you can compare the range of your house from the camera and be sure if the camera visualizes you or not.

2. Create Obstacles for the Camera

You can create higher fences in your house’s boundary, which is covered by the security camera. You can do some kinds of stuff depending on your situation. Moreover, there are some more ways to block the cameras.

Those risks you in a way that you, the neighbor, can put an allegation on you for breaching their security. Because those processes will blind the camera, which may let the camera become unable to record any video footage, including the footage of your house.

3. Use LED Flashlight

You can use high-end led flashlights outside your home pointing to the camera of your neighbor. This will make it blindsided the yard of your house will be barely seen. And the inner side of your house will hardly be sighted by the neighbor.

4. Using Laser Pointer

You can use a laser pointer just like the LED flashlight. But the laser pointer can be less effective than the LED light.

Security Camera with Using Laser Pointer

How to Deal With Spying Neighbors

First of all, you have to have a discussion based on this problem. If he agrees, then it is okay. But what if he makes an argument. Then it is better not to make any mess with him. You may take other steps like taking judicial help.

Deal With Spying Neighbors

Talk With the Neighbor

When you realize that your neighbor points the camera on your yard for any unethical purpose, then you should immediately discuss it with your neighbor about this matter. You should not go into any type of argument. There should be some formal exchange of words. Do not create an inappropriate situation or any misunderstanding.

Local Mediators

All the neighbors may not turn out to be good. You may not get a good result after discussing it with the neighbor. What to do then? You can talk with the local community mediator. This may help you get out of trouble. If things still don’t work out you may need to check the next option.

Consult With a Lawyer

If things go at a serious point, then you can take some judicial action. After consulting with your lawyer, you can decide to take some legal action. You can make a case against him in the local judiciary. You can consult the police station also. Taking things legally is a safe way to achieve what you require.


It is very important to be concerned about your own privacy and security. But this might create disturbance if you can’t prove anything along with your complaints. By this point, you must have figured out how to block neighbors security camera.

This type of incident is occurred by the neighbor sometimes intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. It is often seen that your neighbor’s camera is faced towards your residence, but the neighbor doesn’t intend to do anything ethical. Still to keep or maintain your privacy you need to learn about the blocking process that we mentioned above. Apply the methods and enjoy your privacy at home

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