How Many Security Cameras Do I Need? In 2022

Needless to say that security cameras are the third eyes for home security systems. They play a vital role in keeping an eye on your house. Whereas it is impossible to be present in multiple places at the same time. However, security cameras will let you capture all areas of your home.

how many security cameras do I need

But sometimes, we are getting confused while searching security cameras for our home by thinking about how many security cameras I need? Moreover, we also think about where to install them, and why are they important for the surveillance? Don’t worry. Please keep reading, and you’ll find out everything that you need.

Why Are Security Cameras Important?

Security cameras provide enormous benefits. Once upon a time, when people thought that security cameras installation would be an expensive endeavor. But nowadays, every house owner prefers to install surveillance cameras to record all-day activities for security purposes. Let me show some major benefits that security cameras provide.

  • If you install outdoor surveillance cameras, you can detect the criminals who are stepping into your home. The cameras will record the scene and will help you to get back your stolen goods.
  • If you’re a victim of such incidents, you can help police with the footage that your security cameras locked. The police will catch those culprits with the help of these videos.
  • You can also keep an eye on your kids having installed the security cameras. The parents who work outside can monitor their children from their working space by the remote monitoring system of security cameras.
  • Security cameras also allow you to check your adorable pets along with your kids. They are a vital part of many people, and they feel incomplete while leaving them at home. So, you can check their activities with security cameras.
  • If any burglary happens, you should make an insurance policy. Thus your security systems help you give the video footage to the insurance company to validate the crime, and you’ll claim the insurance.

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

Several factors work behind the number of security cameras you want to install in your house. For detecting the outdoor burglars, you will need more security cameras. While watching the activities of your family and pets, you need more indoor security cameras.

But in general, you may need 3-4 surveillance cameras for your homes.

  • To keep an eye on front door activities, a doorbell camera can be a great option.
  • There may be 2 outdoor cameras in the front and back door of your house.
  • An indoor camera can record your kid’s and pet’s activities.

But some other things will define how many security cameras you will need to install in your house.

Area of your house

It is an obvious thing that if your house has a bigger area, you need to consider more cameras to be installed. However, the requirements can be applicable to outdoor areas. The more space you have, the more you need to cover. Otherwise, you can leave some activities that might be hazardous for you.

Property Area

Those who are living in a home in a little area, they don’t need many surveillance cameras to be installed. But the people who are living in homes on multiple acres can’t go with a little number of cameras.

Consider the outbuildings

Many house owners have workshops or sheds to keep their valuable and expensive tools or equipment and animals. If you have those outbuildings within your property, you need more security cameras to keep an eye on those properties.

Quality of the cameras

It’s also an obvious thing that if you use cheap quality cameras that can’t cover a large area, you need to buy more cameras to keep them recorded. On the contrary, good security cameras will provide a great view that will limit you purchasing fewer cameras.

Bandwidth limit

Whether many of us overlook the factor that we may be limited with our bandwidth. Whereas installing the security cameras in your house, they depend on the bandwidth of your network to keep connected and recorded the activities.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Security Cameras?

Everyone comes with different motives to install security cameras according to their preferences. Before installing cameras, consider the following places to find out the best spot for you where you can place them.

Front door

According to the statistics, 34% of burglars use the front door for the entrance. So, a front door security camera can keep a record of those coming on and off to the house. No one is deprived of this recording. If you install a security camera in your front door, you will have a sigh of relief that no one can escape from it.

Garage and Driveway

If you use a camera pointed to your garage or driveway, you can always keep an eye on your favorite tools, like- gardening tools, bikes, equipment, cars, and some other things that you stay there. No worries if your garage is detached from your house. A security camera will let you sleep at night peacefully. If you want more securities, you can use a camera at the gate of your driveway, what is the alternative entryway to your home.

Back and Side Door

You should not take any risk if any door is out of your sight where you can’t detect the people whether they’re allowed or not. If you want to avoid this incident, you should use a camera on those doors, which are often used as alternate options to get in. So, you should not take any risk with the back and side doors.

Common places

There are some common places where you can use security cameras, like- a kitchen or living room. You can see your kids and pets and can rush if they need anything. You can also detect the babysitter if she is attentive or not. Try to make a priority in which room should be used for the surveillance.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve understood the above section, let me depict some common questions that we always find. Please keep reading to enrich your knowledge.

Can you install security cameras yourself?

Of course, you’ll be overwhelmed if you can do this. However, security cameras of these days are easy to install, and there’ll be a hassle-free installation process.

Do you need Wi-Fi for security cameras?

You need to connect your PoE IP security cameras to your home Wi-Fi. But some Wi-Fi cameras can record data with their SD cards by connecting to the electricity.

How long does it take to install security cameras?

It will take 4 hours to 1.5 days, depending on how many cameras you’ve regulated with the size of your home. But a general 4 camera system needs 4 to 6 hours to be installed.

Here Is A Video Explanation To Help You on How Many Security Cameras Do You Need

Final Words

Hopefully, we’ve got you covered with this article, and you’ve got your answers about how many security cameras do I need? Many of us often get stuck with this point. There is no prominent alternative to security cameras to trace the burglars.

Only security cameras can help you to get back your important goods. So, it is obvious to find perfect places to install the security cameras in your house. If you still have confusion, you can leave a comment, and our experts will assist you in this regard.

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