How Long Do Spy Camera Batteries Last? [Boost Battery Life]

A spy camera is a device capable of recording or capturing the location without the subject’s knowledge. Well, it’s relatively easy to hide, and the hiding facility makes the spy camera suitable for security surveillance activities.

However, there are many spy cameras, including a battery-powered hidden cam, a corded spy cam, and a wearable spy cam. If you’re using or planning to get a battery-powered hidden cam, we know what your concern is.

You may be thinking about how long do spy camera batteries last and how to increase the spy cameras’ lifespan. Basically, spy camper’s can last from 1 to 5 hours on average, and the battery lifespan completely depends on battery types.

Learn more about the battery life of a spy camera, how often you need to charge the battery and how to extend the battery life from this article.

How Long Do Spy Camera Batteries Last?

Most battery-powered spy cameras come in small sizes and that makes them perfect for spy surveillance. For example, if you’re using a hidden spy camera clock, the clock will look like a regular clock and ensure secret surveillance.

How Long Do Spy Camera Batteries Last

The spy camera will let you view full HD video of the location you put the camera through a compatible device. However, when it’s about battery-powered spy cameras, battery life is the most primary concern that arises.

Well, the average recording time of most spy cameras is 1 to 5 hours, and it’s tough to find out the exact time. Different features and facilities like video resolution, night vision, connectivity bring differences in the spy camera’s battery life.

Follow the below section to find out what brings differ in battery life of a spy cam, have a look-

Battery Life

How long your spy cam battery lasts depends entirely on battery power. Basically, the spy camera comes with a 1000mAh to 10000mAh battery system and a 1000mAh battery can last one to two hours on a continuous recording.

Video Resolution

Spy camera comes in several video resolution systems, including 720p to 4K. Using a higher resolution spy camera will take a higher frame rate, which will consume your camera’s battery faster.

Body Detection Sensor

The motion detection sensor can also cause battery consumption and to prevent it you can use a PIR sensor. This sensor works more smartly by detecting human and animal bodies, which causes less battery consumption.

Night Vision

Using your spy camera in a night vision mode will consume more power (almost about double.) Moreover, using night mode with motion detection will cause more battery drain.

Wi-Fi and Mobile App connectivity

Most of the hidden cameras are compatible with Wi-Fi network systems which will cause battery consumption. When you connect your camera with Wi-Fi and a mobile app, your camera will drain more battery.

Storage capacity

Sometimes the storage capacity can also contribute to the battery life of your spy camera. When the storage facility of your spy camera is almost full, the camera will relatively drain more battery than usual.

Each and every spy camera comes with different video resolutions, sensors, night mode, connectivity, and storage system. Therefore, it’s pretty difficult to determine how long a spy camera battery lasts.

Do Spy Cameras Run Out Of Battery?

If you want to know if the spy camera battery can run out or not, the answer is yes. The spy cam battery can easily run out of battery after a certain period of time. However, the running-out time completely depends on the battery power of your hidden camera.

If you’re using a 1000mAh battery-powered spy camera, it will take one to two hours to run out of battery. And using a 200mAh battery will let you run the camera for at least 4 hours. Moreover, a 10000mAh battery-powered spy camera will give you 24-hour battery life.

On the other hand, you’ll not need to worry about running out of battery if you’re using a camera with standby battery life. The standby battery power system spy cam will provide from 10 days to last up to 2 years of standby battery life.

How Often Do You Have To Charge Wireless Spy Camera Batteries?

If you’re using a wireless spy camera with a rechargeable battery system, then you need to charge it according to your usability. If you’re using a spy camera with a 1000mAh battery system and using it daily, then the cam needs to charge every day. The camera will need a charge after 60 minutes of use.

However, when you use night vision or motion detection on your 1000mAH powered spy camera, it will only last 30-40 minutes. Since most hidden cameras offer battery power of 1 to 5 hours, they will need to charge after these specific times.

Furthermore, using a battery-powered spy camera with an electric outlet plugging system, you can run the camera 24/7.

What Type Of Rechargeable Battery Is Best For A Spy Camera?

Want to know what type of rechargeable battery will be the best option for a spy camera? Since spy cam manufacture uses different battery types, you should get a cam by determining the battery life.

Here we’ll show an estimated result of different battery-powered spy cameras with the camera running time. Have a look-

What Type Of Rechargeable Battery Is Best For A Spy Camera

Battery lifeEstimated camera running time
800mAh Battery2 hours
1100mAh Battery3 hours
1500mAh Battery6 hours
5500mAh Battery20 hours
10000mAH Battery30 hours

Through this table, we’ve only tried to show you an estimated spy camera running time with different battery-powered cameras. Do your research, and don’t forget to check the manual to get the best spy camera based on your preferable running time.

How Can I Make My Spy Camera Battery Last Longer?

There are plenty of ways available that you can follow and apply to make your battery-powered spy camera’s battery last longer. Here are some of the tips you can follow-

How Can I Make My Spy Camera Battery Last Longer

  • PIR Motion Sensors: Try to use a spy camera built with a RIP motion sensor because it can detect humans and animals smartly. This sensor will provide accurate motion alarms and prevent false alarms which will extant the battery’s lifespan.
  • Adjust the Motion Sensibility: If you’re experiencing false alarms from your spy camera, try to reduce the sensibility of your camera. This will put less impact on the camera and also increase the lifespan of your spy cam’s battery.
  • Schedule the Motion Detection: You can reduce the battery use of your spy camera by scheduling the motion detection timing. Also, set the camera in the most important palace you need to monitor remotely, and place the camera in fewer traffic areas.
  • Night Mood and Connectivity: Don’t use the night mode option until it’s necessary to use it as night mode consumes more battery power. And also, try to connect to the camera with a single device because multiple device connectivity will also drain the battery faster.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many spy cameras, a battery-powered spy cam is the best option for concealed security surveillance. You can place the cam anywhere you want, and it’ll record and show you live video without drawing anyone’s attention. However, one of the significant concerns of battery-powered spy cams is their battery life.

And now you know how long do spy camera batteries last and what things contribute to the spy cameras’ battery life. Since spy cameras run out of battery sometimes, you may need to recharge them to keep the cam running. Moreover, follow our provided guidance to increase your spy cam’s battery lifespan reliably.

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