Hive Security Camera Review [Know The Eyes You Trust]

Lockdown ends! Time to go out for work! But who will watch out for my home? No need to worry. Hive is here introducing highly featured indoor cameras for becoming your virtual eyes when you are far away. With the best use of modern technology, this Hive view security camera can meet all your demands.

This indoor security camera you are going to know about fulfills all the concerns you are having about your home security. From controlling your smart devices to becoming the companion of your lonely pet, everything is in one pack. Dive in to know more about your next smart buddy.

About Hive Brand

Hive, a name buzzing around for years introducing the best featured smart home Devices. An emerging company founded in 2012 by Centrica, also the British Gas owner, threw the biggest challenge to other competitors like the Ring by amazon and Nest by Google. They are introducing the highly featured indoor and outdoor security cameras that are becoming the techies’ apple of the eye.

How We Test?

Thousands of words can be compiled over a thing, but what to believe? Words can be accepted only when they are much informative, and information comes through research.

When reviewing such a product with direct security concerns, the research should be more extensive, and that’s what we have done.

Firstly, to select the product, we had to go through 100s of available online and in-store products and at least 5 articles available. This makes a total number of more than 500, followed by reviewing videos available online.

Then by sorting through the features and 1000s of trusted customer reviews, a shortlist is made. From that shortlist, the best performing one is reviewed like our Hive View Security Camera.

When going through the assessment period, we only believe in the real buyers’ opinions and ratings, which is almost an estimated period of 120 hours. The things we keep in mind most are the problems they have dealt with.

Finally, the product we choose comes to our hands and goes through an extensive testing period by a professional security gadget expert team. The review compiles with all the real feedback.

Hive Security Camera Review

Hive view is one of the signature indoor security cameras that Hive introduced. With stylish design and the most effortless installation, this one created hype through its users. This Wi-Fi operated security camera has almost all the features to offer you a worry-free day. It’s not just a surveillance tool but also a communication tool with your family or your pet.

Its two-way audio gives you access to your smart home assistants like Alexa and others so you can control your other home appliances from far away. The high-resolution lenses won’t make you feel distant from your place, giving a crystal-clear view. all in all, it’s a complete package to invest in.

Hive Security Camera Review

Hive Security Camera Specification:

Hive View Security Camera

  • Item Type: Security Camera
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Item Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 5.66 x 2.2 x 7.9 inches
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Receiver: Wi-Fi
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Color: White/Champagne Gold
  • Base Plate: Magnetic
  • Battery Included: NO
  • Battery Type: NiCAD

Hive Security Camera Features:

  • This one has Easy Self Installation.
  • It has Two-way audio delivery.
  • Offers Wider 130-degree view.
  • 8x Digital zoom with night vision.
  • Accuracy in person detection ability.
  • Has a Motion detection sensor that turns it on immediately.
  • Alexa enabled for hands-free use.
What we like
  • Installation without Hive hub.
  • Elegant and stylish looks.
  • Gets active when it detects motion.
What should improve
  • can’t set a password with special characters

How To Use The Hive Security Camera?

As elegant as they look, as easy as the usage of the Hive security cameras is. By Following some handy steps, you can install your Hive security camera in no time.

How To Use The Hive Security Camera

  • Firstly, unbox it and place the camera where you want it to be. The stand has a magnetic base to set.
  • Then, check your internet is on and download the relevant app functioning with your OS.
  • Next, turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and connect it with the camera.
  • Finally, get the settings and set it as you want. You are all good to go.

Note: With some of the Hive cameras, you may also need a smart hub. Don’t worry! This one is hub-free.

How Does The Hive Security Camera Work?

Here you have known something beyond just words and more science. Most of the smart cameras are operated with a sensor named Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR). In the case of Hive Security cameras, it is no different.

This sensor detects the infrared aura of the living beings. When the sensor gets an unusual rise of the heat, the camera gets turned on and starts recording. All indoor and outdoor cameras work in this way. Some of the Hives products can detect human and animals’ aura as it has certain differences and only gets on when detects human.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a subscription for Hive camera?

Yes, to get the video recordings after 24 hours, you need to get a paid subscription, which is not so much. If not subscribed, the videos recorded can get lost.

Is Hive worth the money?

Considering the excellent features and the high tech used in the Hive cameras, the slightly high price doesn’t matter a lot. All in all, the money you are paying will not go in vain. You may be paying once, but it has the ability to save you will the bills through the year.

Is the Hive outdoor camera wireless?

Most of the Hive outdoor security cameras are wireless in functionality and runs with Wi-Fi. They have built-in batteries that last enough to support the whole day.

Final Thoughts

This Hive view security camera review was comparably a full package that can help you reach your buying decisions. We have added every feature about your security companion tested by experts and worthy of trust on.

Hundreds of products with the same features you can find on the market but may not satisfy you in the end and make you regret your buying decision. So, we have chosen this one that will not make you sad.

This one is an indoor camera, but you can see the Outdoor security cameras by Hive. I hope you have found our words worthy and getting your new Hive view security camera soon.

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