Do Hidden Cameras need Wi-Fi? [Answer is Here]

With the general increase in the need for security and surveillance, hidden cameras are becoming a must-have. From business to household surroundings, these cameras ensure safety and security, they are also good spyware gadgets. While hidden cameras are resourceful, one common question is often asked about them, which is do hidden cameras need Wi-Fi?

A hidden camera can take still pictures, audio, or video recordings. It can either be wireless or wired.  Most of the spy cameras with the longest battery life are wireless.

Hidden cameras have a wide range of uses; law enforcement officers can use them in solving cases. New mothers also use them to watch their babies in the nurseries; even companies and business corporations use hidden cameras to prevent thefts. While hidden cameras are beneficial, they can function without Wi-Fi.

Do Hidden Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

Hidden cameras do not NEED Wi-Fi. A hidden camera can work effectively without Wi-Fi. However, without Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to control cameras remotely, receive notifications, watch live footage, and other operations that come with cameras that are connected. Most hidden cameras need a Wi-Fi connection. Other hidden cameras can locally upload their recordings onto memory cards or hard drives.

Do Hidden Cameras Need Wi-Fi

Hidden cameras that require a connection to Wi-Fi are easier to use and have lots of brilliant features that differentiate them from those that do not need Wi-Fi. Here are some of the benefits of using hidden cameras that require a Wi-Fi network:

  1. They have exceptional features: You can watch live footage of your cameras from your phone, control them remotely, as well as get notified when the camera detects motion.
  2. They do not require additional data plans: Since all you have to do is connect them to a probably, already existing Wi-Fi network, there will be no need to set them up on extra data packages.

Examples of hidden cameras that need Wi-Fi are Relohas’ Mini Spy Camera, Aobo’s Spy Camera, Sirgwain’s Wi-Fi Security Camera, etc.

Are Hidden Cameras without Wi-Fi harder to install?

Installing security cameras without Wi-Fi can require the same amount of effort as installing those with Wi-Fi. The significant difference between both installation processes is that you do not have to configure hidden cameras that do not require a Wi-Fi network to stay operational.

Hidden cameras that can function without being connected to Wi-Fi are called IP cameras. They may come with landline backups, which connect them to monitoring teams that respond when there is a break-in.

Are Hidden Cameras without Wi-Fi harder to install

These IP cameras have several benefits over their counterparts.

  1. They are free from hacking: This is possible because they are free from internet connectivity. This aids privacy and prevents your surveillance feed from hacking.
  2. They function continuously: Even during power outages, these hidden cameras continue to guard the space they are installed, and thanks to the rechargeable batteries they come with, they can remain operational.
  3. They have reduced operating costs: You do not have to worry about the data usage costs of these cameras. They do not require being connected to Wi-Fi to function; therefore, you do not have to worry about the costs of placing them on any data plan.

As with other manufactured things, there are some disadvantages to using them, which are:

  1. They are rare in the market: Most of the hidden cameras on the market need Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s harder to locate those that don’t. It is also harder to maintain such cameras, as their spare parts are hard to find.
  2. They are not as functional as their counterparts: Hidden cameras without Wi-Fi cannot have their footage accessed by your phones, and you cannot control remotely. If there is a break-in, the camera will not notify you of the intruder’s movement. They lack the critical, innovative features of hidden cameras that need to be connected to Wi-Fi have.
  3. They have limited battery lives: You would have to recharge their batteries or replace them for these cameras to operate continuously. If you forget to do this, you might have some loopholes in your surveillance.

How to Install a Hidden Camera without Wi-Fi?

Here is a step-by-step guide on installing a hidden camera that does not require a Wi-Fi network. To apply this guide, you must have purchased a hidden camera;

How to Install a Hidden Camera without Wi-Fi

  • First, remove the camera from its package and other additions that come with it. These supplements include its power adapter (needed to recharge the camera’s battery life) and a suction bracket (which helps prevent damage). Some cameras come with SD cards and use them as footage storage.
  • Attach the angle adjustable magnetic suction bracket that comes with the package to the camera.
  • Insert a micro SD card into the camera to support watching video recordings at a later time.
  • Turn on the camera by clicking the power button.
  • Attach the camera to its power adapter to support the power supply.
  • Fix the camera in a location that would give the best surveillance view.

To connect a camera to your system, you will need network cables;

  • Connect the camera to your computer system using a network cable.
  • Set the camera’s IP address to be in the same range as the system.
  • Open the camera’s web page on your system and input its IP address to access its footage.

Final Thoughts

Do hidden cameras need Wi-Fi? – Hidden cameras can work efficiently without Wi-Fi. Having a hidden camera installed in your home or place of work is one of the best security decisions you can make. You can have it installed by yourself or have a professional do it for you. You can use the steps mentioned above to personally install a hidden camera at any location of your choice and enjoy the benefits that they come with.

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