Can I Install a Security Camera Outside My Apartment? 

Security surveillance has become a basic necessity these days with widespread uprising burglary and inappropriate human behavior. It becomes an essential thing if you’re living in a leased apartment with your family. You don’t have the proper security control over the fences outside the building, and your kid is playing around while you’re at your office, working.

However, as you don’t own the place, and other residents may feel insecure because of your security, it complicates the process. Are you wondering how can I install a security camera outside my apartment, and is there any law that I should know about? Stick to the article as I get you through what you should know about it and the process you should follow.

Can I Install A Security Camera Outside My Apartment?

If you’re living with your family in an apartment with others in the same building, security surveillance has an appeal. As a tenant, you must have thought about how can I install a security camera outside my apartment. First things first, there is no debate about installing security cameras inside your apartment because you’re not spying on anybody but yourself with that.

Can I Install a Security Camera Outside My Apartment

However, what about installing security cameras outside the apartment, such as the entrance or the hallway? The answer is yes, you can do so, but you have to make sure that you’re not interrupting the neighbors with their privacy. Therefore, you have to keep your field of view for the camera limited to your residence, especially if it’s the ground floor. You must ensure that you’re not damaging the property by drilling holes unless your landlord allows it.

Where Should Security Cameras Be Placed Outside?

Installing security cameras can be tricky because you have to minimize the number of cameras and cost and get the full coverage, both at the same time. On the other hand, the homeowner’s association (HOA) also a strict rule of keeping the neighbor resident’s privacy intact. Here are the places you can install your third eye outside your apartment if you’re a tenant for your security:

Frontdoor or entrances

The most important place to install the security camera is the main entrance into your property or condo. You can keep an eye on the front door and see who comes in and goes out with the door. The first place to install the camera is the front door where the unknown people usually come with.

Doorbell cameras

The doorbell camera system is a crazy invention that makes it super easy to ensure your home’s maximum security. Whenever an unknown person comes into the house and bells the door, you can see the face to recognize if he’s good. With some cameras, you can even talk to the person using a two-way audio system.

Parking area and driveway

One of the most important places where you should have security surveillance is the garage and the driveway. It’s where the car burglars come into your house and try to seal your car or the garage’s equipment. You can help the law enforcement agency with the footages to catch the thief red-handed or provide evidence.

Covering the windows

Windows are of the most vulnerable ways to beak into your house, which you must cover with security surveillance. Set the camera in a place where you can see the windows clearly and identify anybody in front of them. As you might have multiple windows in every exterior wall of your house, you might need a surveillance system consists of multiple cameras. In that case, you should go for an outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR setup with IP accessibility.

Backyard and side doors

Yoru side doors and the backyard are important to have an eye on because your kids or gardening items need your attention. Place the camera at a height and distance from where you can easily keep an eye on the premises and make sure everything is safe and sound. The backdoors are the most common breaking ways which the thieves and burgers love to see unprotected, which you should secure first.

Interior options

If you’re placing cameras inside your house, it’s better to go for wireless IP cameras, which you can move around. These IP cameras don’t need any drilling for mounting into the house, which may even help you with the local house owners association’s terms and conditions. It’s also a great option for moving the camera from a room to another for versatile surveillance.

Why Do You Need To Install A Security Camera Outside Your Apartment?

There is no doubt that you must ensure your house’s maximum security with the best setup and maximum coverage around your house. Here are the reasons why you must consider setting up security surveillance with multiple or single camera setups:

  • Your landlord may enter your residence without getting you prior notice or fixing an appointment.
  • If your landlord unlocks your entrance without letting you know for repair or maintenance jobs.
  • If you notice any suspicious movement or behavior to next door or suspicious activities on the road in front of your home.
  • If the presence of strangers has increased suspiciously lately in front of your apartment.
  • When the rented apartment is too old that needs keen surveillance to keep your family and property safe.
  • If you feel like somebody has broken into your house or the premises without letting you know.
  • If your apartment manager or the landlord has a spare fo the apartment’s keys and you need to be sure they’re not uninvited guests.
  • If you have kids or elderly in your home whom you must keep an eye on.

Final Thought

Security is an essential thing these days, and it’s important to keep an eye on your property, especially while you’re out. Keeping an eye back at your apartment’s entrance, the hallway, and the whole premises get you relief and peace of mind.

If you’ve been wondering how can I install a security camera outside my apartment, I hope now you know how to do it. Setting up security surveillance for your rented apartment is not a problem; damaging the apartment or hampering the neighbor’s privacy.

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