Best Security Camera System Under 300 Reviews [Amazing Brand of 2021]

If you don’t want any unauthorized access to home and need more security, you must get a security surveillance system. It’d record and let you know what happened when you were not present in person. There are a lot of security systems available, but they are expensive. That’s the reason why most people are reluctant to go buy a home security system.

Today we’ll introduce you to some of the best security camera system under 300 that don’t exceed a medium budget. Our selected security systems are versatile; you can use them 24*7 in any condition. They can record and transmit live feed so that you can monitor remotely. Each of them come with modern tech, allowing them to provide clear vision, day or night. So, stick to the article, we’re about to get you the best budget surveillance systems.

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Best Security Camera System Under 300 Reviews [Amazing Brand of 2021] 1

Hiseeu All in one with 10.1″ Monitor Wireless Security Camera System

Best Security Camera System Under 300 Reviews [Amazing Brand of 2021] 2

HeimVision HM243 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

Best Security Camera System Under 300 Reviews [Amazing Brand of 2021] 3

ANNKE 5MP Lite Home Security Camera System 8 Channel H.265+

Best Security Camera System Under 300 Reviews [Amazing Brand of 2021] 4

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Outdoor

Best Security Camera System Under 300 Reviews [Amazing Brand of 2021] 5

Victure 1080P 8 Channel NVR 4PCS Outdoor

5 Best Security Camera System Under 300 Reviews 2021

Investing in a security camera system is important if you need extra protection. A functional security camera system could detect and notify you if any suspicious activity occurred when you are not present. Our expert team has picked the best security camera system under 300 so that you don’t end up buying the wrong products.


1. Hiseeu All in one with 10.1″ Monitor Wireless Security Camera System

Hiseeu All in one with 10.1″ Monitor Wireless Security Camera System

This wireless camera setup comes as all in one solution. It comes with all additional accessories. It includes a 10.1” monitor, 1TB hard disk, and a Wireless NVR recorder. Besides, this reliable security setup is all wireless and very easy to install. You can easily set up this security system without any professional help.

Furthermore, The NVR has 1TB hard drive pre-installed to record and store 24*7 videos for more than 30 days. This NVR can connect with four more cameras to extend your security. All the cameras are wireless and waterproof as well as durable. Their weatherproof design makes sure they’re perfect for indoors or outdoors.

In addition, You can get a clear vision with these versatile cameras because they have three arrays of IR-LED. These IR-LED are powerful and provide clear at night vision up to 65ft. You can rotate the camera remotely, and they can detect vehicle numbers at night also.

Hiseeu All in one Features:

  • The Hiseeu security system can detect motion and send email notifications if any movement is detected in your compound.
  • You can control and monitor remotely with your smartphone; it doesn’t matter where you are; you can watch it live.
  • Each camera can record 1080P high-resolution video, and the powerful NVR can compress video to save more video feed.
  • Cameras come with aluminum housing, which makes them waterproof, and they can withstand any harsh weather conditions outdoors.
  • This security system camera has a high-tech sensor that can capture clear footage up to 98ft in a dark environment.

2. HeimVision HM243 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

HeimVision HM243 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

HeimVision manufactured this high-quality security camera system. We considered it the best security camera system under 300 because this all in one functional security system. The camera has a 1080P video recording capability. It uses smart sensors to record HD video day and night. Also, 12 inch LCD monitor and latest technology embedded NVR comes with this complete setup.

Another interesting fact is this wireless security setup supports wired connections. This function becomes useful when the wifi signal does not cover properly or interrupt anyhow. Users can watch live feed or control this security system using a smartphone app that enables remote access. You can also control all cameras separately over the remote access using the app.

Furthermore, Cameras are very durable and withstand any rough and harsh weather conditions. They are also able to record 24*7 with clear night vision. You can easily monitor a large range of indoor or outdoor activities with a 110-degree wide-angle lens. Motion detection tech and email notification make it more desirable for anyone who doesn’t get much time to stay home.

HeimVision HM243 Features:

  • The HeimVision security system can capture a sharp and crisp image to get a detailed view for 24/7.
  • You can set a customized blind zone detection plan to get the minimal false alert.
  • Each camera has IR-CUT function with IR LED to provide crystal clear night vision and motion detection.
  • This security system is weather-resistant; it doesn’t matter where you set up cameras to get protection against burglary or crime.
  • You’re getting a powerful NVR to watch live, take snapshots, and customize functions remotely.

3. ANNKE 5MP Lite Home Security Camera System 8 Channel H.265+

ANNKE 5MP Lite Home Security Camera System 8 Channel H.265+

This is a wired home security system from ANNKE. The ANNKE made this security system to provide crystal clear image and video both day & night. You will get eight high definition cameras to ensure the security or your home, office, or any other property. These powerful and wide-angle cameras allow clear vision up to 100ft in complete darkness. Besides, they’re durable and IP66 weatherproof, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Furthermore, ANNKE provides a functional DVR with this security system. This DVR supports H.265+ coding video compression so that you can store more video than any H.264 coding. Also, this DVR has hack-proof encryptions to protect the stream from any cyber attack or hacker.

In addition, this camera system can detect any movements in front, day or night. You can easily customize the motion detection or privacy zone to get accurate email notification. Its advanced algorithm automatically sends a push notification and an email notification with snapshots to your smart devices. This camera system could be the perfect choice for those who want non-stop video recordings without an internet connection.

ANNKE 5MP Lite Features:

  • This DVR comes with H.265+ coding to get you a smooth and faster live stream without latency.
  • Each camera has a CMOS sensor to record and view high-quality video; it offers clearer video than any other ordinary camera.
  • You can easily create your privacy zone and customized motion detection setting to prevent false alarms.
  • The smart sensors for the security system ensures continuous video recording without any interruption.
  • Setup and maintenance are very easy, thanks to the durable aluminum housing that protect cameras from falling or breaking apart.

4. XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Outdoor

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Outdoor

This versatile security system comes with eight long-lasting cameras and a powerful DVR. It is equipped with a 1TB hard drive to record video continuously. Users can easily control or adjust a setting using a smartphone app. Also, this DVR allows users to set auto, manual, and motion recording when needed. The remote access enables live view or playback anytime, anywhere.

You can use these PCS 1080P HD 2.0 Megapixels cameras indoors or outdoor. They are made of durable metal housing and IP66 weatherproof construction. The security system can provide 24*7 security without any interruption. Each camera has 24 PCS IR LEDs to provide a clear night vision up to 100ft space.

Moreover, this security system comes with a unique, customizable detection system. Using that, you can set a blind area where you need privacy. Furthermore, this advanced security system has an easy detection and notifying system. You can get instant notification with snapshots while any incident happens, or the camera detects any movement.

XVIM 8CH 1080P Features:

  • This security camera set up is very affordable and versatile; user-friendly and easy operation makes it stand out.
  • You will get extensive coverage with this camera set up; its eight HD cameras record 1080P video day and night.
  • This security system can send an automatic notification to your email if cameras detect any suspicious activity in your compound.
  • Its customized blind zone ensures security, and an adjustable motion detection technology prevents false alarms.
  • Anyone can set up this wireless security system without prior experience. Bsides, minimal maintenance makes it ideal for outdoor use.

5. Victure 1080P 8 Channel NVR 4PCS Outdoor

Victure 1080P 8 Channel NVR 4PCS OutdoorThis is one of the best seller home security systems from Victure. It comes with all accessories and a powerful NVR to connect wireless cameras. NVR is very functional, and it can support four additional cameras if you want to extend the range. Each camera is equipped with powerful night vision and covers up to 100ft at night.

Moreover, you can set this security system to your home, office, or any indoor or outdoor place. Powerful cameras can capture 1080P videos both day and night. Also, NVR allows remote access simultaneously so that you can monitor activities from anywhere.

Besides, These security systems have a motion detection feature, and it can work 24*7. Further, its built-in email notification system allows push notification when the camera detects any suspicious activity. Users can control and make a detection zone for each camera so that you can maintain your privacy.

Victure 1080P Features:

  • This wireless security system setup is very easy to install and doesn’t need any experts to complete the setup.
  • You can easily access remotely with a smartphone or computer and watch live or playback if necessary.
  • Each camera has an IR-CUT function so that you can get a more clear vision at night.
  • Its unique motion detection technology lets you know if any motion detects or someone wants to break in.
  • The cameras are made with durable and long-lasting materials so that they can withstand any weather conditions.

How to Set Up a Security Camera System?

A home security camera system set up is not a very easy task. But anyone can set them up easily. You have to follow a few steps carefully if you want to set up a security system without any expert’s help. Let’s start from the beginning:

Step 1:

The first and most important aspect of setting up a security camera is indicating the right spot. If you’re installing a camera indoors, choose a corner from where the camera can point every inch of the room. For outdoor, you must choose a higher spot. The camera must be set up above 10ft so that anyone can not knock them down easily.

Step 2:

Attach the camera to the wall using a drill machine. Drill the holes first and then use screws to hold them in their position. Now set up your power cable and plug in the power adapter in a socket.

Step 3:

Now place the DVR or NVR in a secure place and keep the hard drive nearby if they’re separate. The best place to keep the DVR is inside a locked compartment so that intruders can’t spot it.

Step 4:

Keep your cables orderly so that you can easily separate if needed. Use wire moldings to keep your wire safe and managed. Nail the molding using a hammer and put weir inside.

Step 5:

When you complete your wire setting, now time to connect them to the power cable. If everything seems ok take the user manual and connect audio and video cables according to the instruction. This setup could vary; have a look at the user manual to get an appropriate description.

If you are done with these steps now, there is only one thing remaining to go. This last step is the wifi connection to the DVR. It’s not very tricky; you just need to connect the DVR with your router to watch the live feed remotely.

5 Tips for Setting Up Smart Security Camera System

Here are a few tips for setting up a smart security camera system that can help you avoid any mistakes:

  • Confirm your camera range, And set them up a place from where the camera can cover the maximum viewing field.
  • If your camera allows night vision install the camera where the light won’t interrupt its vision. Much light at night could be the cause of blurry or unclear images.
  • Make sure your DVR or NVR is safe and kept in a safe place so that anyone cannot easily destroy it. Because DVR is the most important part of any home security system.
  • Use a remote access app; most of the security system allows remote view and playback if you are not present.
  • Enable motion detection and an email notification to get an instant notification if cameras detect any suspicious event.

Wrapping It Up

A security camera system could increase security in any area. They can increase the security of the home or office and reduce burglary and crime also. But many people think that security systems are expensive; thus, they are not interested in the security setup. That’s why we reviewed some of the best security camera system under 300 to keep it affordable but secure enough.

If you’re still not sure which one would be the best overall, go for the HeimVision HM243 1080P Wireless Security Camera System. This security system is all wireless so that you don’t have to bother about messy wires. Also, you can access remotely to watch live or playback at any time.

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