5 Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System With Nvr Reviews In 2022

When you think of a surveillance system with multiple cameras, what’s the biggest bummer you see? Tons of wires running through the entire house, and that could be only the start of your problems. If you have outdoor cameras, burglars can cut the cord and put a blindfold on your eyes, making you completely insecure. Nevertheless, wireless security setup can get you true surveillance because networking technologies have taken the surveillance system to a new height.

For that, you must get the best outdoor wireless security camera system with NVR setup in the house. However, electing the right NVR setup can be a challenging job, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing it. Our security camera expert team has been through the best surveillance systems in the market and has suggested the best of them. Please stick to the article; I’ll introduce you to the best NVR security camera systems to eliminate your security issues.

How Does An Nvr Security System Work?

An NVR (Network Video Recorder) system works with traditional video surveillance cameras and the latest networking technologies. The basic idea about the process is that the camera will record the landscape in front of it and record it to a storage drive. While the camera is recording the footage into the drive located in the NVR box, you can also access the footage over the internet.

best outdoor wireless security camera system with nvr

The NVR connects to the internet through your router and provides you an IP address to access the system’s drive. With the IP address, you can access the live footage from the cameras connected to your NVR. The cameras connect to the base station or the NVR using Wifi; there are no needs for wires running around the house.

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Comparison Chart

Short on time? Here is a quick comparison chart of the best NVR surveillance systems in the market we’ve selected to review today:

ImageProductTechnical SpecPrice
Editors Choice

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System
  • Brand: Hiseeu
  • Dimensions: 6.73 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches
  • Weight: 13.24 pounds
  • Waterproof: IP66 Weatherproof
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Best Security Camera With Two-Way Audio System

Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor

Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor
  • Brand: DIHOOM
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Waterproof: IP66
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Best Weatherproof Security Camera

ANRAN Wireless Security Camera System

ANRAN Wireless Security Camera System
  • Brand: ANRAN
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 9.73 pounds
  • Waterproof: IP66 Weatherproof Cameras
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Best Security Camera With Auto-Pair System

All in one with 12.5

All in one with 12.5″ Monitor Wireless Security Camera System
  • Brand: cromorc
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 7.8 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 9.87 pounds
  • Waterproof: IP66 weatherproof
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Best High-Resolution Security Camera

1080P Wireless Security Camera System

1080P Wireless Security Camera System
  • Brand: Firstrend
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 7.83 pounds
  • Waterproof: IP66 Waterproof
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5 Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System With Nvr Reviews 2022

Getting the best outdoor wireless security camera system with NVR setup can be a whole lot easier when you get the expert’s suggestions. Here are the 5 best camera system with an NVR setup that you can go for your next security touch up for your premises:

1. Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System 8 CH NVR 4Pcs HD 1080P Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System 8 CH NVR 4Pcs HD 1080P Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera

The Hiseeu security camera surveillance system is a complete setup with an 8 Channel, 1080P HD surveillance system. It works with the regular 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology and 9DB Antennas for smooth surveillance. You’ll get an NVR with 3 TB of storage, and it comes pre-paired with the cameras, making it the best 8 channel security camera system.

For seamless outdoor surveillance, it’s completely waterproof metal housing and has an IP66 certification for that. It can keep on recording 24/7 with the night mode with automatic infrared sensors along with motion alert sensors for unwanted burglary. The HD 1080x1920p HD quality will remain unaffected whether you’re watching it day or night time.

You can access the footage from the cameras remotely from anywhere over the internet using the IP pro camera app. The app will help you access the archive besides the live footage without checking it manually on the NVR. It’s the best outdoor wireless security camera system with NVR because it’s plug and play and can record everything within 65 feet.

Hiseeu Wireless Features:

  • This security surveillance system works with 2.4 GHz Wifi and 9DB wireless antenna.
  • It has an 8-channel NVR system with 8 cameras with night vision and motion sensors.
  • You’ll get 3 TBs of ready storage to store 24/7 footage and have a loop for 45 days.
  • It has an IP66 waterproofing for outdoor surveillance; cameras need power, though.
  • The NVR connects to the internet; you can access the live footage with a mobile app.

2. YESKAMO Security Camera System Wireless, 4 Pcs 3MP Floodlight IP Camera

YESKAMO Security Camera System Wireless, 4 Pcs 3MP Floodlight IP Camera

The YESKAMO IP camera is one of the best wireless NVR security systems with automated live floodlight and other special security features. It comes with 4 pieces of night vision cameras, and you can add 4 more cameras to the NVR if you want. These cameras have a two-way audio system so that you can talk to the person in the feed.

With these 3MP cameras with a 3.6mm lens, you can record the feed at 2304x1296p high resolution within 100 feet within a 100° view field. For the maximum security, it also offers PIR and motion sensors, which trigger a siren if it detects any suspicious movement. The NVR comes with 2 TB storages pre-installed that can store your footages for a 60-day loop system.

You can access the cameras remotely and control the feed from your property, no matter what the weather is; it has a waterproofing IP66 rating. The conveniences go even further with the night vision featuring a dual passive infrared detector to avoid false detection. It works completely wireless with Wifi 2.4 GHz and can get you an uptime 24/7.

YESKAMO Security Camera Features:

  • This surveillance system is an 8-channel system and comes ready with 4 cameras.
  • Its cameras are 3MP, night vision; they can record at 100° angle up to 100 feet.
  • You’ll get 2 TB storage that can store up to 60 days of footage with a loop record.
  • It has an IP66 waterproofing rating for outdoor surveillance; they have power adapters.
  • The cameras record 24/7 and connect the NVR wirelessly; you can remote access them.

3. 1080P Home Security Camera System Wireless with 12 Inch Monitor

Homall1080P Home Security Camera System Wireless with 12 Inch Monitor

This wireless IP camera from ANRAN is an 8-channel camera setup that works with an NVR setup that connects via Wifi or 4G connectivity. You’ll get 4 cameras with the setup and can add 4 more cameras to extend your wireless security camera system indoor-outdoor, weatherproof with the IP66 rating.

You can keep track of any unusual movement in the premises 24/7 with motion detector and night vision, 1080p HD footages. It also helps you get remote access to the footage, and the NVR also comes with an LCD monitor for live footage without attaching an external monitor. However, you can still use an external monitor, mouse, and extra optical drives.

For the storage, it comes with included 1 TB storage for a longer surveillance archive in a loop system. Setting it up is the easiest with the auto-pair system; all you do is, power it up and let it connect and set the system on its own. It works in any outdoor situation from a freezing point of -50°F to +122°F to keep the surveillance going.

1080P Home Security Features:

  • This camera module supports 8 channels; you can expand the 4 cameras with 4 more.
  • Its cameras are full HD, record at 1080p along with night vision at 1080p HD quality.
  • The NVR is a smart one with a 12-inches LCD monitor needing no external monitor.
  • You’ll get 1TB of storage on the NVR for remote access to the live footage and archive.
  • It can work in a harsh environment at -50°F up to +122°F and has the IP66 rating.

4. All in one with 12.5″ Monitor Wireless Security Camera System, Cromorc Home Business CCTV Surveillance

All in one with 12.5″ Monitor Wireless Security Camera System, Cromorc Home Business CCTV Surveillance

The Cromorc wireless security camera system comes with an auto-pair system with a 12.5″ LCD monitor on the NVR. It works with Wifi or cellular data and doesn’t use any connecting wire, which is perfect for a large house. You can connect to the NVR through the internet from anywhere using your mobile phone and get burglary notification on the IP pro app or email from the sensors.

It’s an 8-channel setup; you’ll get 4 cameras onboard and can add 4 more if you have a larger area to cover. You can set it anywhere at any weather as it’s water and weather resistant with an IP66 rating. With night vision IR LEDs, motion sensors, and 1080x1920p footages, it becomes the best wireless outdoor security camera system for home surveillance.

You will get a ready setup with 2TB storage built-in for 24/7 surveillance and longer storage time to archive the footages. The storage works with a compression technology where the archive will take only about 50% of the footage’s original size. It will help you store about 52 days of continuous or controlled motion surveillance.

All in one with 12.5 Features:

  • This surveillance system supports 8 cameras and comes readily with 4 cameras.
  • It comes with a 12.5″ LCD monitor on the NVR built-in as an independent system.
  • You’ll get 2 TB ready storage for 24/7 surveillance with compression technology.
  • Cameras have an IR+Motion sensor for night vision and work wireless with power break.
  • You can access the live surveillance remotely from your smartphone at full HD quality.

5. 1080P Wireless Security Camera System, Firstrend 8CH Wireless NVR System

1080P Wireless Security Camera System, Firstrend 8CH Wireless NVR System

The Firstrend 8-channel wireless NVR system comes with 4 high-res video surveillance cameras recorded at 1080p HD quality. It records 24/7 and stores the footage on the pre-paired NVR on the included 2TB HDD wirelessly. You can also access the footage remotely over the internet using a smartphone app or laptop.

It has the IP66 weatherproof rating so that you can use it outdoors in the rain, storm, or any harsh situation, which makes it the best outdoor wireless security system. The camera also comes with a motion sensor to detect any suspicious movement, and has IR night vision mode, recording up to 65 feet distance at 72° angle.

Besides the online surveillance, you can also use local connections, including monitor, USB backup, and mouse for local surveillance. It’s also expandable up to 8 cameras; they all are wireless, but need power outlets for each, not any connecting ethernet cable is necessary.

1080P Wireless Security Features:

  • This camera system works wireless alongside the NVR, but they need power adapters.
  • It comes with the IP66 rating for a weatherproof outdoor surveillance system.
  • You’ll get 4 cameras ready-paired, but it supports 8 cameras, all remotely accessible.
  • All the cameras have motion sensors and IR night vision up to 65 feet at a 72° angle.
  • It has built-in 2 TB storage, which holds 24/7 surveillance footage on the NVR.

Which Is Better Nvr Or Dvr Security Systems?

While selecting a security system for your home, shop, office, or other property, the first thing that will come up is the type of surveillance system. Most people get confused between the NVR and the DVR system. Here are the considerable things about them that can help you decide which one you’re going with:

Technology is different

The first and foremost difference between DVR and NVR is the technology they use. The DVR system is more traditional, where the NVR is new to the table. With the DVR system, you don’t usually get any online support or remote IP access to the storage footages. However, with an NVR system, you’ll complete remote access to the NVR storage and control the NVR.

Back interface

When you try to differentiate an NVR and DVR, there is not much of an interface difference in the front until you get to the back. A DVR will have coax cable connectors in the back while an NVR will have RJ45 (CAT5, CAT6) connectors in the back, and that makes all the difference. There are many pros and cons for both the connectors, and DVRs just stay behind the NVRs here.

Surveillance distance

With a DVR system that uses coax cable connectors can transfer surveillance footage with audio from 300 feet away and only footage from up to 2000 feet. On the other hand, a regular NVR can do it from 300 feet with audio and up to 800 feet for the footage only. However, don’t think it’s a con of the NVR because it’s not the same for wireless NVR cameras. Wireless NVRs don’t really have any distance bondings; it can virtually be hundreds of miles for live surveillance over the internet.

Video quality and proximity

DVRs are not as good as NVRs regarding video quality as they use a coax cable transfer system. Usually, the DVRs can record footage at 1080x1920p full HD at 30 FPS, which can be a bummer at reading texts from a distance. On the other hand, an NVR can record at 4K 60 FPS; it gets you a much superior quality as it uses high-speed RJ45 cables. You can easily zoom in with this much quality and read a text like a license plate from a really long distance.

User accessibility

The user accessibility with DVRs is not as pleasing as NVRs because of the online accessibility. With a DVR, you have to connect a monitor to the DVR and spot surveillance as you don’t have online access. However, if you use an NVR, you get online access and don’t need a dedicated employee to keep an eye on the monitors. Furthermore, if you use a wireless system instead of PoE NVR, it’s even better at using it with ease and peace of mind.

Camera limitation

Although the DVR system falls short against NVR in most respects, they have an advantage here; and that’s the camera limitation. With a DVR, you can use any standard camera that uses Coax cable to connect to the DVR; there are not many restrictions. However, with some NVR manufacturers, you must get the cameras from the same manufacturer to match the IP settings of the NVR. That can be a bummer because you cannot use your existing cameras anymore.

Interactive Features

With a DVR camera system, you don’t get to interact with the person in the feed you’re watching live. However, some IP cameras with NVR have a two-way audio system, so you can interact with the person you see on the feed. When the motion sensor gets you an alert that someone is in the frame, you can talk to the person using your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Which One To Get?

So, which one should you go for? a DVR or an NVR? Well, if you need remote access and higher resolution video surveillance, get an NVR, which I suggest the most. If it’s a small surveillance job with fewer remote access or instant actions, and only need to record sight, get a DVR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about using NVRs to know if you’re also planning to use an NVR:

Can NVR be hacked?

If you get a wrong camera from a manufacturer that doesn’t ensure encryption in their camera, it’s vulnerable. So, be sure the NVR has SSL/TLS encryption in it for maximum security.

Can NVR work without the internet?

If you’re using the PoE NVR system, it can work without the internet, but cannot have remote access. If you want remote access to the feed, you need the NVR connected to the internet.

Does NVR need to be connected to router?

You need to connect the NVR to a router if you plan to get remote access to the footage. The NVR connects to the router to bring you the remote access only, not for recording.

Where do you put NVR in your home?

The best place for an NVR is the room where your network cables are at or your desk where you have easy access. Try to put it somewhere you don’t have to run a lot of wires to connect it.

Final Thought

Surveillance systems have become an inevitable part of any security concern business, office, private property, even inside houses. Preventing shoplifting, theft, break-in, fraud, or working with peace of mind can be a truth if you use an NVR system as it gets you more. Especially when you’re using it for outdoor surveillance, getting the best outdoor wireless security camera system with NVR is crucial. After getting through the above list of NVR surveillance systems, you’ve found the one that can meet your needs.

Nonetheless, if you’re still wondering which one would be best overall, you can take an expert suggestion and get the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System. It has some high-end technologies in the NVR like remote access, 9DB antenna, and 45-days loop backup. You’re getting a ready 3TB HDD to store footage from 8 cameras with night vision, motion sensors, and IP66 waterproofing.

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