Best Home Security Camera System Under 200 Reviews – Expert’s Guide 2022

If you need smart security for your home or office, a security camera system can help. You can monitor what is happening while you are not at home. Besides, modern home security offers the flexibility of wireless functioning. Anyone can know the present condition of their home or office without presenting in person using such a camera.

We picked some of the best home security camera system under 200 putting the expensive home security systems aside. These security systems are truly wireless; you can use them indoors or outdoors. They also come with several unique functions like motion tracking, night vision, high-res recording and more. Are you planning for your next home security camera setup? Stick to the article, you’ll find the best one.

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ImageProductTechnical SpecPrice
Highly Functional and Reliable Security Camera

xmartO Home Security Camera System Wireless

xmartO Home Security Camera System Wireless
  • Brand: xmartO
  • Dimensions: 13.6 x 11 x 7.2 inches
  • Weight: 8.31 pounds
  • Camera: 2K(2304*1296)
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High-Resolution Camera With DVR

ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System

ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System
  • Brand: ZOSI
  • Dimensions: 15 x 11.49 x 7.79 inches
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Camera: 1 bullet camera
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Editors Choice

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Security

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Security
  • Brand: XVIM
  • Dimensions: 13.86 x 11.73 x 6.85 inches
  • Weight: 8.34 pounds
  • Camera: 1080P
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Best Security Camera with Massive Hard-drive

TOGUARD 8CH 1080P Security Camera System

TOGUARD 8CH 1080P Security Camera System
  • Brand: TOGUARD
  • Dimensions: 15.31 x 12.48 x 10.31 inches
  • Weight: 16.37 pounds
  • Camera: HD 1080P
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Budget Friendly Advanced Security System

A-ZONE 1080P Wired Security Camera System

A-ZONE 1080P Wired Security Camera System
  • Brand: A-ZONE
  • Dimensions: 13.89 x 11.61 x 7.32 inches
  • Weight: 8.49 pounds
  • Camera: 1080P
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6 Best Home Security Camera System Under 200 Reviews 2022

Attaching Home security cameras is an important initiative to protect the home from unauthorized access. But sometimes installing a hi-tech security system at home can be super expensive. Keeping that in mind, we reviewed some of the best home security camera system under $200. These are well capable of protecting your home without spending much.


1. xmartO 8-Camera WiFi Security Camera System Wireless with 4X 1080P WiFi IP Cameras

xmartO 8-Camera WiFi Security Camera System Wireless with 4X 1080P WiFi IP Cameras

This wifi home security system from xmartO is reliable, simple, and secure. It’s not only reliable but also easy to use and very functional. The high-tech sensors in it ensure bright and clear video recording for 24/7. You’re getting a perfect security system with motion detection technology, remote access, weather-resistant built.

Moreover, The xmartO complete security system comes with four cameras and four additional camera adjustment capability. It has dual WiFi modules in the NVR to reserve one connection for cameras and another for internet connection. This feature will allow your home wifi connection to interrupt free and clear.

Furthermore, this camera system has dual record mode which makes it the best outdoor home security camera system. This system records 24*7 with motion events simultaneously; it highlights the events while in playback to draw your attention. Besides, the NVR and camera send an email notification with snapshots and video clips when the system detects suspicious movement.

xmartO 8-Camera Features:

  • Auto Dream liner Wi-Fi relay tech powers up this security camera system to enhance the wifi range. A camera works as a repeater for another.
  • You can easily watch live video or store to a hard drive; its app compatibility makes it more accessible.
  • It can automatically send a notification with a snapshot when cameras detect any motion sign or movement in its range.
  • These cameras work with or without the Internet, so you don’t have to bother when your internet connection becomes interrupted.
  • You can use them for indoor or outdoor security; these cameras durable built and weather-resistant ability ensures it.

2. ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive H.265+ 8CH 5MP Lite HD

ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive H.265+ 8CH 5MP Lite HD

The ZOSI is another 1080P security camera system with a 1TB hard drive and all additional accessories. This wireless camera system is perfect for home, office, or any indoor or outdoor place where you need eyes. It’s an expendable camera system with a DVR that supports different analog cameras such as AHD, HD-TVI, and CVI camera.

Moreover, This home security system is equipped with advanced H. 265 technology that could double the data compression ratio to record and store high-quality video for a long time. Besides, you can control the viewing area to grant privacy if needed. Also, you can change the recording mode using smartphones from three different options.

In addition, It is a durable camera set, and they are waterproof and made of high-quality aluminum metal. It’s durable built can effectively prevent rust, and built-in 24pcs IR LEDs, provide a sharp and crisp image at night. These cameras’ automatic IR-CUT filter can cover up to 80ft clear view at night. Its motion sensor can detect each and every single movement in its coverage area.

ZOSI 1080P Security Features:

  • This camera system comes with a 5MP Lite DVR to provide more precise and sharper views.
  • Its unique and smart night vision covers up to 80ft and advanced 3D-DNR and D-WDR technology for better security.
  • These cameras’ unique motion adjustment technology offers specific motion zones and adjusts the sensitivity as you need.
  • The versatile security setup allows adding more cameras if you have a large property. You can control and monitor them with a smartphone app.
  • All of the cameras are made of durable aluminum, and they can withstand any weather condition.

3. XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Security Outdoor 1TB Hard Drive

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Security Outdoor 1TB Hard Drive

This 1080P security camera system from XVIM is one of the best home security camera system under $200. It is considered as best not because of less expensive but also its functionality. No other security system offers as much feature in such a range. It comes with a versatile DVR with a 1TB hard drive pre-installed. This wireless security system is very easy to set up, and anyone can set them up easily.

You can use these PCS 1080P HD 2.0 Megapixels cameras indoors or outdoor. Because they are made with durable metal housing and IP66 weatherproof construction. The security system can provide 24*7 flawless security without any interruption. Each camera has 24 PCS IR LEDs to provide a clear night vision up to 85ft space.

Moreover, this security system comes with a unique, customizable detection system to set a blind area where you need privacy. Again this advanced security system has an easy detection and notifying system. You can get instant notification with snapshots while any incident happens, or the camera detects any movement.

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera Features:

  • The security system has XVIM 8 channel 4-in-1 DVR that supports different types of cameras and provides flexibility to extend.
  • You can remotely control, view and save videos with your mobile phone while you are not present.
  • These security cameras have a 360-degree rotation facility, and you can move them remotely.
  • It has clear night vision and a functional motion detection system that can send notifications if any movement is detected.
  • You can set these cameras anywhere because they’re Weatherproof with a glass cover to withstand rain, dust, or fog.

4. TOGUARD 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Outdoor Lite Wired DVR Security

TOGUARD 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Outdoor Lite Wired DVR Security

This wired security system is manufactured by TOGUARD, which is very well known for high-quality camera and security systems. The 8CH security set up comes with eight AHD cameras, DVR, and any other setup accessories. This functional DVR supports up to 6TB hard drive to store  24*7 video surveillance. In addition,  the DVR has advanced compression technology to save storage space.

Moreover, The security system is very easy to set up, and anyone can easily set up without any expert’s help. Users can easily control and adjust these cameras remotely with a smartphone app. This app also allows users to watch live and take a snapshot. If you are a busy person, remote functionality could help you to monitor your assets, No matter where you are.

Besides, each camera has IR night vision function, and they can cover 100ft space with a clear view at night. They can also detect motion and send an email notification if any suspicious event is detected. Users can customize the notification and area with ease.

TOGUARD 8CH 1080P Security Features:

  • The advanced DVR can record, playback, preview any surveillance footage instantly when you need it.
  • It has an automatic infrared activation system that becomes activated when the sensor detects low light.
  • You can easily watch a live feed using a mobile app, and you can customize the settings remotely.
  • This security setup records video night and day continuously to keep your assets under surveillance.
  • Each camera is made of weatherproof formula, and they are water, dust, and rust-resistant.

5. A-ZONE Security Camera System Outdoor, 8CH 5MP-Lite DVR AHD Surveillance System

A-ZONE Security Camera System Outdoor, 8CH 5MP-Lite DVR AHD Surveillance SystemIt is another low budget security camera system from A-ZONE. Though it is a low budget security system, it comes with advanced features that are sometimes missing any expensive one. First of all, this security set comes with a 5MP-Lite DVR and four powerful cameras to record 1080P. The DVR is very powerful, and it can add four additional cameras if you need it.

These functional cameras can detect any motion day or night. Users can customize the motion detection area and alert type to prevent unwanted alerts. Another interesting feature is the human face detection. The camera can automatically detect human faces and shapes. When it detects any human-like shape, it can notify automatically via email notification. Motion and face detection features work both day and night.

Moreover, You can control, adjust, and watch live feed; it doesn’t matter where you are. Its app compatibility allows users to see a 90-degree angle view to get more coverage. Also, these cameras have  3pcs IR Array LEDs to detect movement and record video at night.

A-ZONE Security Camera Features:

  • This security setup comes with a powerful DVR to connect four additional cameras to cover more space.
  • Its face detection and motion detection feature become active when any human-like shape comes in the camera range.
  • You can control each camera remotely to keep an eye on your assets when you are not present.
  • Set up and maintenance of these cameras are very easy thanks to their durable and weatherproof design.
  • The outdoor camera automatically turns on infrared when it detects low light; it lets you enlighten the night.

What’S The Difference Between Surveillance Cameras And Security Cameras?

There are a few dissimilarities between a surveillance camera and security cameras. Basically, the security camera or closed-circuit television cameras are known as CCTV. They can monitor and record video for a small area. They transmit video to DVR through wifi or coaxial cabling.

On the other hand, the surveillance camera can monitor a large area where they are installed. They can connect with the security systems of local authorities or Law enforcement. Surveillance cameras installed in public places like parking, shopping mall bus, or train station. They can detect and record criminal activities in order that the Law enforcement team can take steps against them.

Both cameras ensure high security, but surveillance cameras come with more technology than security cameras. CCTV cameras transmit videos to a limited set of monitors but surveillance cameras transmit video to the central security system. Most of the surveillance cameras are placed in strategically important places where needed.

Benefits of Home Security Camera System

There are lots of benefits to having a home security camera system. Here are a few reasons how you get benefited if you got a home security system in your home:

  • If you have a home security camera system, you can easily find your lost item and protect your valuable item from burglary or any other invasion.
  • A home security system can deter crime and ensure a safer environment for living.
  • Any home security system allows remote access so that you can monitor your home or assets no matter where you are.
  • You can gather evidence of any crime in your house and identify criminals with a camera system in your home.
  • If you have a child or seniors at your home, a security system can let you know what is he/she doing if you are not present at home.

Bottom Line

In summary, a home security system is important to protect personal properties from any burglary. If you maintain a busy life, a home security system lets you know what happens in your absence. Also, they can secure your home office or any other place. But many people think a home security system could be expensive. That’s why we reviewed some of the best home security camera system under 200. These security systems are very functional and could minimize your cost.

If you want a versatile security system at a minimal cost, you can go for XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System. These multifunctional security systems DVR comes with a 1TB storage space built-in to store your video recording. Therefore you don’t have to spend more on an external hard drive. Besides, cameras are durable, and they can provide a clear view at night also.

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