Arlo Pro Camera Review in 2022 – Great For Smart Home Security

You want to keep your home and outdoor secure all along. As your assistant, you’re figuring out to set up security cameras. But not finding an ultimate solution which brand will be the best pick for you. It’s not you; almost all the new users fall in this kind of fix. No doubt, it’s very challenging to choose a particular brand without enough pre-experience.

However, in this Arlo pro camera review, we’re going to discuss some of the security cameras of Arlo pro. By staying here for a while, you could make the best buy. Let’s dive on!

arlo pro camera review

About Arlo Pro Security Camera Brand

The Arlo is a home automation company that is situated in California, United States. It’s popular across the world for its high-quality security cameras. The Netgear brand was transformed as the Arlo Pro in 2018. Besides wireless cameras, this company manufactures AC-powered cameras, mobile cameras, doorbells, light, and baby monitors.

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Arlo Pro - Add-on Camera | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor

Arlo Pro 2 - Add-on Camera | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor

Arlo Pro 3 - Home Security Camera System | Wire-Free 2K Video with HDR

Are Arlo Pro Cameras Any Good?

There is nothing bad in the Arlo Pro cameras. It bears all the positive signs for the user and provides ultimate protection in any condition. No doubt, the Arlo Pro cameras are excellent.

Best Arlo Pro Camera Reviews 2022

Now we’re going to talk about all of our selected Arlo pro cameras in detail. You’re highly requested to read the review.

1. Arlo Pro – Add-on Camera | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor

Arlo Pro – Add-on Camera | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor

If you’re figuring out to have a well-versed security camera, you must go for the Arlo Pro-Add-on camera overnight. This security camera comes with some ultramodern features, including HD video, two ways audio, wall mount, cloud storage, and so on. It’s thoroughly wire-free and weather-resistant; therefore, you will get extra comfort in utilizing it. Most importantly, you can set it in both indoor and outdoor since it’s free of power cords hassles. It features customized alerts to detect everything and contact to the responders.

It’s compatible with the original Arlo base station and Arlo pro base station. You will have a bright and high-resolution live stream video through this superb camera. With its built-in mic and speaker, you can listen in and talk back flawlessly. You can view live video with a simple voice command through this high-quality camera. Also, it offers seven days of free cloud recordings.

Besides, this security camera can work with Alexa voice control, IFTTT, Samsung smart things, and many more. You will get a clear night vision and secure detecting facility through this outstanding camera. Also, to offer you a nonstop service, it comes with rechargeable batteries. You can charge it very fast, and the security system won’t be interrupted anyhow. From this Arlo pro camera review, you can pick it up without any suspicion.

Arlo Pro – Add Features:

  • You will get the utmost security through this camera since it comes with a cloud HD video recording system.
  • It offers setting systems both indoor and outdoor since it’s free of power cords.
  • This security camera includes motion and sound-activated alerts so that you get the best protection.
  • You can recharge its battery very fast as it comes with advanced rechargeable batteries.
  • It’s weather-resistant and comes with two ways audio system to help you best.

2. Arlo Pro 2 – Add-on Camera |Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor

ArloArlo Pro 2 – Add-on Camera |Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor

It’s another high-quality camera for maintaining the best security in both indoor and outdoor. You will get a 1080P HD video all along with this superb one. Its two-way talks system, wall mounting system, and cloud storage make it very engaging to all. Most impressively, this security camera is totally wire-free and free of power cords. You will get the best support when you will receive motion alerts and highlight the view as per your desire.

For continuous video recording, it has been top of the user’s choice in the present days. You can capture all the activities within three seconds before a triggered event through this excellent security camera. You need to note that this camera is compatible with the Arlo Pro base station, IFTTT, Samsung smart things, Alexa for voice control, and many more. You will get up to 300 feet line of sight through this best security camera system.

Moreover, the manufacturing company has added some powerful intelligence in it so that it can detect people and specific zones accurately. Even it can contact emergency responders very soon to keep up the utmost security. Its rechargeable battery, weather-resistant facility, and night vision system make it very user-friendly and accessible. So, you can pay heed to this smart device without having further hesitation.

Arlo Pro 2 – Features:

  • This security camera offers a high-resolution video with sharper and brighter details.
  • You can view the highest area and receive motion alerts through this high-quality camera.
  • It offers continuous video recording and two ways of the audio system for the best protection.
  • This security camera can work with Alexa for voice control and provides up to 300 feet line of sight.
  • It features customized alerts for detecting people and specific zones and contacting you.

3. Arlo Pro 3 – Home Security Camera System | Wire-Free 2K Video with HDR

Arlo Pro 3 – Home Security Camera System | Wire-Free 2K Video with HDR

There is no way to deny the efficiency of the Arlo Pro 3 home security camera system. It’s manufactured for offering high definition videos to manage the highest security. You can zoom in an object and optimize it clearly by dint of this quality camera system. With its wire-free and weather-resistant design, you can have compelling protection in all situations. You will be amazed at its 160-degree field of clear and brighter view.

This superb security camera can work with Alexa, Apple home kit, and Google assistant. Besides, it offers three months of Arlo smart service with rolling cloud recording. Color night vision, the maximum video with HDR, spotlight, and two ways audio system make it very much demanding to market. Most notably, you can install and adjust it with no hassle.

Beyond doubt, it’s an extraordinary feature of this security camera. With the cooperation of an Arlo smart hub, this security camera can detect people, specific zone very clearly. With its rechargeable battery, you will get a nonstop service over the years. Its capturing capability puts it top of the choice list among the cameras. You can go for it right now.

Arlo Pro 3 – Home Security Features:

  • This security camera provides high resolution and HDR video for the best protection.
  • Its wire-free and weather-resistant design makes it user-friendly and easy to install.
  • It features Arlo smart service with rolling cloud recordings for up to three months.
  • It comes with an integrated spotlight and ward of unwelcome guests system.
  • You can easily install and set it up since it comes with a wire-free design.

Is Arlo Pro Security Camera Product Easy To Use?

Almost all the regular users of the Arlo pro brand know well how easy all the products of this brand are in use. If you’re a new one, then you could perceive everything after using a few days. Nonetheless, we’re going to highlighting some of the significant aspects.

  • The Arlo Pro security cameras come with a wire-free design so that you can install and set it up at ease.
  • Its weather-resistant feature makes it very user-friendly to apply in both indoor and outdoor.
  • It has been effortless to use since it can work with Alexa, Samsung smart things, Apple home kit, and google assistant.
  • It features customized alerts to inform you if there happen anything suspicious.
  • You will get live stream video through the Arlo pro security camera on your smartphone.
  • Its rechargeable battery will help you to have long term service without any interruption.
  • You can mount it anywhere and overlook a large area clearly without any issue.

Why Choose The Arlo Pro Camera?

Among hundreds of brands, we feel free to recommend the Arlo pro camera. For sure, there are a lot of reasons, and we’re very keen to narrate some of those. Let’s move on!

  • The Arlo Pro camera will give you the best security with its high-resolution video quality.
  • You can zoom in a wide area clearly and get up to 160 degrees of view through this camera.
  • This security camera will give you free cloud recording and two ways of the audio facility.
  • You will be highly benefitted from its integrated spotlight system and night vision system.
  • It can detect people and specific zone very clearly than other security cameras.
  • You can mount it in both indoor and outdoor and get massive cloud storage.
  • It offers continuous video recording and live streaming videos on smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions below. You can collect more queries from this section.

How long do Arlo batteries last?

All the Arlo batteries are rechargeable and last around four to six months in normal usage. If you use the camera with much care, then the battery will last more.

How often do Arlo batteries need to be recharged?

In general use, you have to recharge the Arlo batteries two or three hours per day. Some batteries become recharged within less time as well.

Can Arlo cameras be hacked?

There is no guarantee of protecting the Arlo cameras from hacking. But if the security becomes very high, then it won’t be hacked anyhow.

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Final Thoughts

Being a sensible member of this modern world, you must manage security cameras in your home and outdoor. You will find countless brands in the market, but you have to pick up the suitable one. For your betterment, we like to recommend the Arlo Pro – Add-on Camera- Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor camera from this Arlo Pro camera review. It will provide you the utmost security and longtime using assurance. The Arlo Pro 3 – Home Security Camera can also be in your choice list for its high-resolution video quality.

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