Android 360 Camera Review 2022: Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This

Capturing photos and videos are the easiest way to keep your memories evergreen. But you’ve to ensure that you’re following the right way to capture those memories.  Usually, I used my smartphone to take photos and videos but I didn’t get the resolution that I was looking for.

So I searched for something that could assist me to take high-quality pictures and videos with my smartphone. Then I hear about the Android 360 Camera and get one for myself. With this panoramic camera, I can take high-quality photos and videos.  Now here in this Android 360 Camera Review, I am going to share my using experiences with this device.

What is Android 360 Camera?

The Android 360 Camera is a very unique and revolutionary external device for your smartphone. It helps you to take professional photos and videos of your friends and family with your smartphone. You can easily mount the camera on the top or bottom of your smartphone and take high-quality pictures and videos.

What is Android 360 Camera

The device allows you to capture your moments in different ways so that you get the final output exactly the way you want. For every mode, it has individual video settings and image stabilization. It ensures that you’re getting the best output and high-quality resolution.

With Android 360 Cameras high-quality lens, you can capture HD quality photos and videos with 30-frames per second. The device is very lightweight and allows you to mount it easily on your smartphone. As the camera is completely waterproof, it can be used in all weather conditions without any tension.

Main Attractive features of Android 360 Camera

Here in this Android 360 Camera Review section, I’m going to show you some exclusive features of the Android 360 camera.

Main Attractive features of Android 360 Camera

High-Quality Lens:

The Android 360 camera is equipped with a very high-quality F2.0 and Dual-210° fisheye lens. That allows you to take a high-resolution picture. Before purchasing an Android 360 camera, I’ve used five more external cameras but none of them are as good as it.


With an Android 360 camera, you can take high-quality photos and videos in four different modes. It has a flat, sphere, planet, and VR mode. For example, with flat mode, you can take regular pictures and with planet mode, you can take 360° photos.


With an Android 360 camera, you can shoot 2560*1280 resolution with thirty frames per second. As a passionate photographer, I’ve used a lot of cameras but for mobile devices Android 360 camera is unbeatable.


As the device is going to mount with your smartphone it needs to be lightweight and the Android 360 camera ensures it. It is 26.5g that is approximately 0.9oz. While using this device, I never felt that I’ve attached an external camera with my smartphone.


The camera device is waterproof so you can take it in every weather condition and shoot your favorite moment without any tension. The lens of the camera wraps with solid material that keeps the camera safe from all kinds of water damage.

Nightshot Function:

Nightshot is one of the most impressive features of the Android 360 device. It adds extra light to your photos without any flash and gives you a more detailed output. The night shoot output of this camera is so clear and outstanding that I took most of the photos at night.

How Does It Work?

To become a great photographer, you need to understand the fact that every camera is different from its functionality. Surely, you’ll need a good quality camera if you want to take a high-quality landscape photo or with a lot of people.

How Does It Work

An overall good quality camera can give you an optimum result. This is where the Android 360 camera is unbeatable. Compared to other similar camera devices, the Android 360 camera lenses and the resolution is so advanced and high-quality.

With this camera device, you can capture the stadium view, mountain biking, anything you want to capture at a wide-angle with high resolutions.  The Android 360 camera perfectly supports your smartphone & computers. Especially whenever I go to any event, I take this android-360-camera along with me. And do all my photography and videography through this.

What Do Buyers Of The Android 360 Camera Think?

The buyers of the Android 360 camera are very positive about their device. Almost everyone’s opinion is they love the fact that they get the right camera device that they were looking for.What do buyers of the Android 360 camera think

It allows them to share high-resolution pictures and videos on social media. Now they can live broadcast their memories with a  high-resolution camera. Actually, buyers love the versatility of the camera and its different shooting angles. As a user of this camera, I’m in love with this because of its outstanding output.

  • It is equipped with a high-quality lens.
  • 4-different shooting mode.
  • Provide HD-quality photos and videos.
  • VR Support.
  • Night mode function.
  • Live Broadcast.
  • Easy setup.
  • Only one design is available.
  • You can only purchase it online.

What Should You Consider Before Purchase An Android 360 Camera?

Not only Android 360 Camera, follow the below section to know what are those things that you should consider before purchasing any smartphone camera.

What should you consider before purchase an Android 360 Camera


It is the most essential factor that you need to ensure first. If the device is not portable and lightweight enough, you can’t easily carry it and mount it on your phone.


Check the compatibility of the camera to make sure that it perfectly works with your smartphone. Otherwise, it is good for nothing.

Resolution of the photos and videos:

You have to make sure that the device you’re going to select is able to capture high-quality photos and videos. Because it is the main purpose that you’re using an external camera with your smartphone.


The better the camera lens the better output it’ll provide. So you have to ensure that the camera device has a high-quality lens.

Upload Capabilities:

Make sure that the camera you’re going to select has built-in software. So that you can go to live broadcast by using the camera.

How To Buy An Android 360 Camera?

If you want to purchase a high-quality camera for your smartphone then the Android 360 Camera is an appropriate choice for you. Tap on the link that I’ve included below this section. And, directly go to the official site of the Android 360 Camera.

How to buy an Android 360 Camera

From the below link, you can activate the promo offer that gives you a  50% discount and free shipping around the world. Remember the device and the promo offer is available for a given time only. So grab your offer before the promo ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answer to your questions from the below section. Here in this  Android 360 Camera Review, I’ve included some questions and their answers that people frequently asked about this device.

How do I shoot 360-degree pictures on my smartphone?

Normally, with your smartphone, you can’t take 360-degree photos. To take 360° photos on your phone you will need an external camera like an Android 360 Camera.

How do you make a 360-degree video on your phone?

To create a 360° video on my phone, I used the Android 360 Camera. With this device, I’m able to make high regulations videos.

Can I take a 360 photo with my iPhone?

Yes, you can take 360° photos with your iPhone.


Android 360 Camera makes your dream come true. If you read the above Android 360 Camera Review then you already know how to capture professional photos and videos. With this camera device, you can enjoy four different shooting modes such as flat, sphere, planet, and VR mode.

The Android 360 Camera is a waterproof device so you can use it in every weather condition without any worries. Now you can take HD-photos, and capture high-resolution videos by using this android 360 camera.

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