About Us

Welcome to Voiceofsafety

Voiceofsafety is a collection of top Surveillance cameras for your indoor and outdoor use. We have a dedicated team who continuously do market research and sort out the best wireless, Ptz, and other security cameras. The one and only mission of our whole team are to provide you the best camera on your budget without wasting your time & energy.

No matter what type of security cameras you’re looking for? We have listed all of them here for you. Our expert team does thorough research on the market, reads tons of reviews, and then lists the best of the best here. All of our dedication and efforts will be fruitful when you get the right security camera for yourself.

Meet Our Expert Reviewers

Charles Theisen

Charles is the owner and one of the authors of this site Voiceofsafety.  He is a technical expert on security cameras and its system. Charles has completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He started his career in a renowned security camera manufacturing industry. After working 15 years there he started his own business. Basically, he opens a shop and starts selling security cameras as he is an expert on them.

While selling security cameras he finds that the customers of the security camera have very little knowledge about it. It motivates him to open this site and share his knowledge with others. In the beginning, Charles worked alone here but later he hired a team of specialists to assist him in his journey. This is why every suggestion you get here, you get it from the expert.


Carlos L. Harris

Carlos is basically a security camera operator. In his 20 years career in this sector, he worked for many security camera manufacturing companies. He is still working for a well-known security camera manufacturing company as a technical assistant. Along with that, he joins our expert team and assists them in researching and analyzing. 

David D. Belton

David is the chief editor and research writer here at Voiceofsafety. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Linguistics. David joins us because creative writing is his passion. Before working with us, he worked as a writer in many journals.

He is a man who is always hungry to learn new things. Before writing on any aspects he did a lot of research and accumulated huge data on the relevant topics. Whatever he wrote he never left any questions remaining on the  reader’s mind.

How We Reviewed? 

To review each and every single product, we go through a systematic procedure. We started with market research, product analysis, reading reviews, and then we went to the selection process. To find the real and authentic information, we searched for the product information in What Hi-Fi, CNET, Consumers reports, every single available resource, and the real buyer’s reviews. 

We looked for the core features of the products 1st. When any model of any brand fulfills that requirement, our research team lists that product in the primary selection list. Later our expert and research team started analyzing the  product and cross-check the features of the selected products. Once any model of any brand passes all the tests our expert team referred that product to the content development team to enlist the product. 

How Our Products Are Rated

Market Research

Market research is the 1st thing and the main foundation of our product rating system. We research all the security cameras available in the market. Then pick the top-selling companies top security camera. Our research team did a depth study on it and then forwarded it to the next step. 

Sort Out the Key Features

Not every feature has the same importance to different customers. So we categorized the core features of the security camera and list them into different segments for different consumers. When we categorize the core features we give priority to the consumer’s demand and the features that are most worthy.

Product Selection

After doing the market research and core features analysis, our research team primarily selects those security cameras. In the selection process, we give more attention and priority to those security cameras that are mostly appreciated by the users.

Reviews Analysis

Real buyers know the real condition of the products. That’s why our research team study on the reviews of the real buyers who paid money for that. We analyze the advice and warnings of the real buyers to get the best idea about the products.


To categorize the products based on their specialty and feature we developed a ranking system. In the ranking system, the top products of the top brand get the top ranks. Our ranking system actually based on the quality of the products, durability, reliability, features, and their price.

Writing Reviews

After researching and analyzing all the aspects of a product. We make a list of the best products and write an in-detail summary of the selected products.

Buying Guide

We accumulated all the results of our research findings and organize them in a proper manner. So that you could pick the right product for you as per your requirement and budget.